Upcoming Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered – Favorite Barbarian as the Army Commander

Why nobody thought about it before may be a fine topic for discussion on some other occasion, but now everyone’s favorite Barbarian is going to enter the strategy genre of video games. And we can’t be more excited to see where this new direction will take Conan and his storyline.

The new game is called Conan Unconquered and was announced at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase a few days ago. The most surprising thing about it (for now) is that the game will be a strategy set in the Conan the Barbarian world which, as you might remember, is pretty cruel.  

Petroglyph studio who stands behind Command & Conquer and Dune 2 titles will develop the game, while Funcom will act as a publisher. What we know so far is that the players will build their bases and armies in order to fight the hordes of enemies with difficulty level getting higher by each level. Now, this actually sounds like the backbone for most of the strategies out there, but still, it will be nice to see Conan in this change of scenery.

It seems that Conan Unconquered will feature two modes to play. One will be a single player mode while the other one will allow two players to form a co-op gameplay and defend their stronghold together. Gameplay will happen in real time, although the players can pause it in order to give commands and build. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun without some drama and so, besides having to fight enemies, players will also have to deal with issues in their strongholds. This means plagues, fires, hunger and other catastrophes that usually affected non-technological societies.

Conan Unconquered

And besides armies of enemies, players will have to deal with some fantasy creatures like demons, giant snakes and necromancers, just to name the few. And once the players achieve a certain level, they will be able to unlock Conan and other heroes who have unique abilities and weapons.

“Heroes are incredibly powerful units that can greatly influence the outcome of battles,” says Funcom’s info. “These heroes, including Conan himself, possess special abilities and you can equip them with unique artifacts that you find as you explore the world.”

This will be the third game with Conan that Funcom is involved with. It was developer and publisher of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Conan Exiles. There is still not a precise date for Conan Unconquered, but it is planned to arrive for PC in the spring of 2019.