Crackdown 3 Discount

Crackdown 3 Crash Lands to Under £30 Already

When a game goes on a discount not long after its release, that usually is not a good sign. And right now this is happening to Crackdown 3. But before you start worrying for the future of this Terry Crews title, this price drop regards only Ebay UK and not Microsoft Store, Amazon or eBay US where Crackdown 3 is still sold at full price.

Currently, a new and unwrapped copy of Crackdown 3 is available for £31.85 on the eBay UK for Xbox One. However, on Microsoft Store and Xbox website the price is $59.99, while on Amazon you get find it from $53. On eBay US you can find an unopened game which is still wrapped in the original packaging for $50.94. However, thing is that you can get Crackdown 3 on eBay UK for £26.85 since right now there is a promotion that will give you £5 of any purchase if you use the code TECH5.

As you see for yourself, this is quite a bargain since the game has been out for only 6 days and already you can find it at a discount.

Crackdown 3 is an action-adventure game developed by Sumo Digital released nine years after the previous game. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One and features Terry Crews in the role of one of the lead characters. The game was delayed several times before finally being released on February 15 and it has received mixed reviews.

Due to problems with the game, the developer released one free DLC and a number of updates including the one that will arrive on Monday and will take care of glitch campaign saves for co-op mode. Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit is among the updates so Terry Crews character will be even more badass, and Quackhammer rocket launcher is also here shooting the rubber ducks. “Quack, quack, motherf*cker,” indeed. This DLC is claimable at any Supply Point in the game. The developer also said they fixed 30 bugs which will come with next title update.

Microsoft is not giving up on their game and neither is the developer, so be assured that they will constantly release updates to fix all the bugs and to add new materials. After all, they are not the first video game developers to do so and it seems to be kind of practice these days in the industry.