Crackdown 3 Review


Let’s establish something before the review starts. Terry Crews is a cool dude. Aside from that his muscled built looks great even though he’s over 50, but Crews is a really cool guy. I mean, I remember when he posted on Instagram the picture of his wallet in which he carries the picture of himself with that “serious business” look of his. The caption read: “I keep this pic of myself in my wallet so I can see it when I’m about to waste money on things I don’t need lol.”

So, when I heard that he’ll be one of the protagonists in the new Crackdown game, I couldn’t wait to choose him and destroy enemies. So, finally the Crackdown 3 arrived for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One only since, after all, the game was published by Xbox Game Studios and developed by Sumo Digital. And then my first impression is… well, I expected more but I’m not disappointed with what it offers.

Crackdown 3 happens ten years after the previous game. An unknown attack shuts down power around the world and it’s up to Agency to go up against TerraNova, an organization located in New Providence city. Players assume the role of an agent who is tasked to destroy this organization and basically save the world.

The game starts off by choosing your character, and you have six choices and one of them is Terry Crews character in the game Jaxon. Now, just to make things more clear. Commander Jaxon will show up in the beginning and end, no matter who you choose from the character list. But you can also play with him the whole time – it’s up to you. You start off with a tutorial in a small city area with an assignment to conquer the bases of the local boss and defeat him in the end. Once you finish this mission, you will be able to truly play the game since you will have the entire New Providence before you. There are 21 agents at your disposal actually that you can play with as the game progresses but other 15 you have to build from the DNA you recover all over the city.

Basically, your mission is to take over the city little by little and as you progress you will also level up and become stronger. There are many boss battles which lead to the final big one with the TerraNova CEO and I can just say that those with huge robots were the most fun. And if you want to gain certain skill like be really good with weapons, just don’t stop shooting to build your firearms skill. Basically, the more you use any of the five stats the more you will level them up. And don’t give up when it gets hard because after a while of playing and after you level up to a certain point, you will get the hang of things and simply slide through the gameplay.

When it comes to graphics, it has a bit of retro vibe. The semi-animated visuals and modernly designed settings really work great together and it differs Crackdown 3 from other new titles. The game is not long and it actually suits it nicely since the story is no brainer and complicated at all. Co-op mode is a nice way to have fun with a buddy, just use the highest difficulty since otherwise, you will go too smoothly through the game which is kind of boring.

All in all, Crackdown 3 could have been better but it seems that developers didn’t really care to make it more challenging regarding the story, missions, and bosses. But this is clear right from the start so you won’t expect too much from it and be disappointed. This is an average game and how much fun you will have depends on what you expect from the game. But after Commander Jaxon says “Quack quack, motherf*ker” at the beginning, you simply know it’s going to be a fun journey.

6.3 Fair
  • Atmosphere 6
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 6
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 8.4