creative destruction

Creative Destruction – Battle Royale with a twist

Titan Studio brings us “Creative Destruction”, a game that is part Rules of Survival, part Fortnite, part PUBG, and all fun.

In case this initial description wasn’t enough to get you interested, hear me out, and stop me if something about this concept sounds remotely familiar: your aim is to be the last one standing in an FPS match that puts you against 99 other people (or AI controlled bots). When the game starts, you are dropped down onto the map by a vehicle (except it’s a flying taxi this time around instead of a bus) and you have to parachute your way to the ground. The entire map is four by four kilometers and has thirteen different areas… Yeah, now you get it.

But, “Creative destruction” has something that sets it apart from all the PUBG clones, and that something is right in the title – everything in this world is completely destructible, so even your initial weapon that you land with is named The Destructor. It all works simply enough – everything you see can be torn apart and you can use the supplies you gather by doing this to create buildings of your own.

Everything else is nothing to write home about – you move through the map, find new, more powerful weapons and ammo, take down the enemies before the weather changes – that is, you fight against the clock as well as against the other players because there is a snow storm coming in game, and you better build yourself a shelter before it’s too late. Unlike some other games that just throw you in the middle of a frenzied battle, “Creative Destruction” has a nice tutorial mode where a cute looking robot will teach you all about the game’s basics and its mechanics. Truly a nice and welcome addition for old folks like me.

creative destruction

The game gives you the option of playing solo, in couples or in teams, where one of the team members becomes the team leader, and your main mission is to protect them because once the leader is killed, the entire team loses.

Everything in the game can be automated if you feel like it – there are Auto Run, Auto Shoot and Auto Glide options, though maybe only the last one is really useful, while the other two reduce you to merely a spectator in your own match. One interesting bit is the fact that it’s possible to unlock not only additional costumes, weapons, and accessories but a first-person view as well, a feature that makes this game much more engaging than the other third-person shooters of its kind. Of course, if you do not have the patience or skills that require you to grind for upgrades, you can always resort to in-app purchases, but it’s not really necessary: with devoting some time to the game, you can get all you really need.

As for the graphics and sounds, this game is more than just OK; in fact, I would say that this is where the game truly shines. At 1.2 GB it’s a hefty download, but it is well worth it. The game has that familiar, not too cartoony look that has become the trademark for the battle royale games. Everything looks gorgeous with no FPS drops and no slowdowns that sometimes come with massive multiplayer titles like this one.

Overall, “Ultimate Destruction” doesn’t bring too much novelty to the table, but it is more than just quick cash grab clone of the more popular titles of its kind. If you like this type of games, I’d say you should at least give it a shot, as it somehow manages to be more than just a sum of its parts, unlike, say FortKraft and similar games that were just an attempt to jump on the PUBG bandwagon.

The game requires iOS 9.0 or newer to run. There are also versions of this game for Android OS and Windows, in case you find out that you can’t get enough of “Creative Destruction” in your life.