Saturday, February 23

Crossfire Legends Review


If you followed the Asian FPS scene you must have heard of Crossfire, Being the highest grossing online game of 2014, it has caused quite a havoc in the Asian gaming market, while in Europe and North America it hasn’t really gained much popularity, developed by a South Korean company SmileGate with Tencent being the publisher, it was only a matter of time before there was a mobile version released, and there we have it, Crossfire: Legends landed globally on May 25th, 2018. The PC game has been critiqued quite heavily for its P2W nature and lack of originality but how has the mobile version fared so far?

When you open up the main menu you get a choice, whether you want to play the PVP or Battle royale mode, We’ll discuss the PVP portion first.

The graphics are the first trait you notice, unlike most new mobile games that try their best to polish and perfect the graphics, while cutting every single corner they can, this game really doesn’t. The graphics remind heavily of old source games, although that may not look like the best choice for a game published in 2018, the feeling of nostalgia does give it some charm, The PVP part has three game mode choices, Team Death-Match, Bot Modes and Demolition. TDM is exactly what you would think, just two teams battling out for who gets more kills, and that’s where the game shines, at the mindless fun aspect, there are three maps and they are all thematically different but still retain a similar feel.

In demolition there are two teams, one that tries to plant the bomb at one of the two bombsites, and the other that tries to defuse it, having to wait until next round after each death, sound familiar? Well because it is, this game heavily takes from Counter-Strike 1.6, even to the point that one of its maps is almost completely the same as de_dust2, the most popular map in counter-strike history. There are some differences in the general gameplay though, you don’t buy weapons at the start of each round, instead you have loadouts that you choose from, and that’s where the game monetization comes in. There we find some problems, although quite a few items in the store are purely cosmetic, some items are just upgrades of the default ones you get, sure, they are not so powerful that you can’t compete with default items, but you still are at a disadvantage compared to those who paid. Either way it doesn’t affect playing the game casually from time to time too heavily.


The Battle Royale game mode has everything you would expect from that kind of a game, there is solo, duo and squads, you can invite your friends to play with you or get a team through matchmaking, the weapons are what you would expect, with there being rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs and pistols. Loot drops are a thing as well with them falling from the sky like you would expect.

What Crossfire: Legends battle royale doesn’t do, is bring anything new to the table, with the exception of it being 120 players instead of 100 and there being a sandstorm instead of a magic blue circle following you, the game pretty much does the same thing that its rivals like PUBG do, there really aren’t any reasons to play it instead of some of the more polished and higher quality competitors, sure it isn’t too bad for what it is, but when the battle royale genre has so many developers trying to get the mobile audience, the same old concept without anything new just doesn’t cut it for most people.

Now the question comes, is it worth trying out?

If you are interested in having a Counter-strike like experience on your phone, or want to try out another new battle royale game, with its fast-paced gameplay, constant updates and slightly retro characters, there are worse choices you can make, it isn’t perfect at what it does but it can keep you entertained for a couple of hours.