crush the castle

Crush the Castle Siege Master

A Game which Inspired Angry Birds Is Back

Back in 2009, Armor Games studio released physics Flash game called Crush the Castle and a year later, it launched a version for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game was praised for its unique mechanics that many gamers would recognize as the one used in Angry Birds, which was actually inspired by Crush the Castle. And now, almost a decade later and finally, I might add, we are getting a new game in the franchise Crush the Castle: Siege Master slated for iOS and Android devices at the end of this year.

Crush the Castle: Siege Master will come with 100 levels that will bring us towers, castles and weird buildings all handcrafted and ready to be crushed. And when I say crushed, I’m referring to the satisfaction of sending projectiles to your opponent’s structures and crushing it to the ground. Projectiles will vary from fireballs to air-dropped bombs, depending on what your choice of weapon is going to be.

The goal of the game is to smash opponents structures, as you already know, although you might find some extra quests in the process just to up the ante a bit. The players will have to figure out the physics and use trebuchets to launch projectiles and destroy every piece of enemy buildings. To do so you will use the usual tapping on the screen to aim and shoot, although you will have to delicately choose your target. This is mostly because you don’t have an unlimited number of shots so you need to pay close attention to how many times you will fire at the enemy.

Crush the Castle Siege Master

The story of Crush the Castle: Siege Master is deeper than just “ready, aim, shoot” premise. The king who is also your father has sold the whole royal army to satisfy his loot box addiction. Now it’s up to you, the only responsible royal in the kingdom, to use the trebuchet and defend your people and land from the hordes of invaders. And a hundred levels are only the beginning, with developers promising more to come in the future.  

The graphics were done by artist Adam de Grandis look right for the tone of the game which is bizarre and cool at the same time. It’s colorful and constant puzzling on physics of the targeting is going to be fun for all those who loved the original or Angry Birds. This time around, Armor Games serves as the publisher while development was entrusted to UYAVA studio. The game will be free-to-play and will present a variety of comical characters that I’m sure we will all grow to love.

Therefore, get your fingers all warmed up since soon enough we will get to play Crush the Castle: Siege Master, which in the end might turn out to be the new Candy Crush-like sort of addiction. Only without the craving for sweets all the time.