Crystal Soul Arena Early Access

Crystal Soul Arena is in Early Access

Crystal Soul Arena debuted on Google Play with early access as of now. Comprised of two members, this indie team is signed simply as Crystal Soul Team, for all publishing purposes, and Crystal Soul Media for all developing purposes. And, their game is as exotic and different as Paloma del Rocío Costa Blanco is to us. Now, their creation is a card game that is currently only a beta version due to early access, but it’s already shown how developers can bypass the established patterns and create something new within such a straight forward genre.

Their strategy card game pushes the envelope of the genre with a new twist on the mechanic of standard Collectible Card Games. In Crystal Soul Arena Android, it is the player who as the developers say “decides the content”. Here you create your own cards and new Unions and your own play style, while the game keeps its balance with something called votation system.

Besides the opportunity to sort of design your own flavor of the game, you’ll also get the well accustomed compelling gameplay flavor of a card strategy game, which is only enhanced by the widened play stile variability. Different Unions, fast-paced games, and an innovative gameplay trick where you and your opponent play your turns at the same time. Yes, you read that right.

Crystal Soul Arena Features

Features that stand out:
  • Opponents play their turns at the same time
  • Players design their own cards
  • Votation system for balance
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Card Unions
  • Ranked, Draft, Play vs Friends, and Union Wars mods
  • Daily Missions
  • Battle Pass system
  • Player Leveling progression

The icing on the cake or the gem of the Crystal Soul Arena Android game is the final flip of the standard leveling mechanics. Here, you don’t enhance or level your cards or increase statistics, but rather get the opportunity to obtain different card collections fast, in a very short time, and have access to different combinations and gameplay mechanic options. Lastly, the developers promise that all further development of the game will be closely based on the feedback of folks who test the game, so any feedback is welcomed.