Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown to Launch on Xbox One in Spring 2019


The gaming community has been waiting for the newest title from the Far Cry developer Crytek for a while now. They first announced their new game Hunt: Showdown in 2014 it was known by a different name Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

However, the original developer then Crytek USA with former Vigil Games’ David L. Adams at the helm, had to be closed due to financial problems and the title was transferred to Crytek. The new team changed the name to Hunt: Showdown and again announced the release in 2017. In February last year, the game appeared on Steam in an early access mode. And now, we finally have some idea when to expect the full-blown version and it’s in spring 2019 to Xbox Game Preview.

Crytek's Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is co-op FPS where players assume a role of bounty hunters who hunt monsters. It allows up to 10 players fighting each other and monsters in the Louisiana swamps. Based on the trailer, this is going to be a dark story with a lot of exciting moments and even a few (or a lot of) scares.

Crytek is especially happy that they will be able to release Hunt: Showdown as part of the Xbox Game Preview since that will give it opportunity to communicate with players. The company wants to receive as much feedback as possible from the gaming community in order to improve their title. Since this is more than simple FPS, being that it has survival elements and PvE features, it will be a challenge for both players and developer. Of course, if you die you lose the character and all their gear, so that will put additional stress on the gameplay. Moreover, this title is also a strategy besides being action-packed and testing your survival instincts.

Another important feature of the game will be the sound. More precisely, listening to them to determine where your enemies hide. Naturally, this means that they can also hear you and find you by the noise you are making, so there goes another element that will spice up the gameplay.

Hunt: Showdown also offers different options to play it. You can do it solo or in a team, or you can keep a low profile by taking smaller and fewer risks. On the other hand, if you feel like going kamikaze on your opponents, you can just hunt everyone down including the bosses you will encounter. As you can see, the game offers a myriad of opportunities and possibilities which makes it ideal for any type of player as long as they’re not squeamish about the gore.

Crytek's Hunt Showdown

The official launch date of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is not far ahead and the game is currently available for $29.99 as an early access release on Steam.