Cuphead comes to Switch and Xbox Live


Cuphead is one of the most peculiar modern games, due to the fact it’s a retro looking, inspired by old-timey cartoons, but at the same time an unforgivingly hard game. We all remember the controversy when one gaming journalist couldn’t pass the tutorial level. Nevertheless, the game became a huge hit and it is apparent that it is still quite popular among players. With that in mind, creators of Cuphead, MHDR Studio announced their game will come to Nintendo Switch on April 18th.

Initially, Cuphead was announced to be an Xbox console exclusive, but soon it came to PC too, so according to this progression a transition to Switch is a logical step forward. Cuphead Switch version will support solo and cooperation mode, where player 2 controls Mugman. Those who have already decided they want this game on Switch can pre-order it on eShop right now. Except for Switch release Studio MDHR will also add an update for PC and Xbox One version, which will bring a plethora of new content, including fully animated cinematics. there will also be an option to play as Mugman during the solo mode.

In the meantime, Microsoft announced the Switch version of Cuphead will receive it Xbox Live integration by an update. The update will contain support for Xbox Live features, like Gamerscore, achievements, cloud saving, multiplayer and leaderboards. Although we have yet to hear what exactly this game will get. This implies the question about which games will get Xbox Live treatment in the future. One of the candidates is Hellblade, which was developed by Ninja Theory, now owned by Microsoft. Other potential games are Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Lucky’s Tale.

Seems that Microsoft is quite serious about the unification of gaming platforms into one by Xbox Live service. Cuphead will serve as a good test, considering the popularity of the game overall platforms.