Facebook Dark Mode

Dark Mode for Facebook is in development for Android

Facebook Dark Mode is in the works for Android devices as the latest reports lit the community in the past 24 hours. As one of the most popular social networks, Facebook constantly worked on improving their functionality, mechanics, and design. Even the coloring changed a bit in the past decade, but never like this, which is being perceived as a radical change. However, this is not the first time a dark mode was introduced to FB.

Earlier in 2019, Facebook has added a dark theme to the Messenger app, but now they are finally addressing complaints from the community about the blinding Facebook app. The source for the news is Jane Manchun Wong, well-known for publishing leaked news about Facebook changes and features in the past. If the screenshot about is in fact the FB dark mode in the works, it clearly demonstrates that it is in development and not ready to be released at the slightest.

However, Jane did note that only certain portions of everyone’s favorite social media app will be revamped to get the dark mode look. It is speculated that this may cause potential mishaps and bugs if released prematurely, like dark background and dark text. As of yet, Facebook dark mode release date is not even hinted and the entire news comes from a leak source. However, Jane has proven reliable in the past and she now does say this upcoming feature will undoubtedly take its sweet time.