Darksiders Warmastered Edition available now on Nintendo Switch

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Switch finally dropped a few days ago and it will cost us $29.99. This is surely an insignificant expenditure if we consider the overall popularity of this franchise everywhere in the world. Not two whole days after it went live, Darksiders Warmastered Edition Switch was unanimously dubbed as ‘essential’ for any sane player, by the video gaming community.

darksiders warmastered edition

If killing demons with unrealistically large weapons with a symphony of fantastic effects and Jackson Pollock blood patterns doesn’t float your boat, you should know also that this Darksiders Warmastered Edition was actually out in 2016. The original Darksiders game came out in 2010, and this remastered title brings us a visual overhaul, as the KAIKO and THQ Nordic teams completely renovated every pixel of this game, down to the last letter in an ability description.


The Original Darksiders were, of course, developed by Vigil Games and released in 2010, now an ancient history. In fact, the need to buff up this game undoubtedly came due to the sudden development of the market and this whole new wave of mobile games that crashed and even drowned certain PC games so far.


So, now people who own the Nintendo Switch platform can kill demons while also enjoying the scenery along the way. Darksiders Warmastered Edition Nintendo Switch version was promised and delivered and any old school fan of the franchise, who bought the Switch platform in the meantime, should and will rejoice.