Dauntless Review


Dauntless MMO action RPG seems like another free-to-play bomb Epic Games intends to drop on PlayStation4 and Xbox One, after last year’s successful run on PC. Now, the perks of being awesome as they are means a lot of positive stuff intended for our playing pleasure, most notably the cross-platform feature, but let’s first check out the full extent of this games prowess.

Dauntless seems to take all the best bits from several other video game hits, like Fortnite, Monster Hunter, and even World of Warcraft. The game takes its appearance and style from its older brother Fortnite which was developed by Epic Games. However, Epic only handled publication this time and the development was left to the young, hot-shot studio Phoenix Labs.

Phoenix Labs’ founders are Jesse Houston, Robin Mayne, and Sean Bender, which are all former developers from Riot Games, recognized as the creators of League of Legends. Now, Phoenix Labs also includes around forty more developers from prestigious firms like Blizzard, BioWare, and Capcom and after reviewing their staff it becomes clear why the game seems to have the best bits of all those gaming worlds.

Dauntless Storyline

The word “Dauntless”, meaning determination and fearlessness in the face of adversity, is an adequate single word description of this game. It takes place in a world that has been ravaged by the cataclysm and now colossal monstrous creatures roam the landscape. They are called Behemoths. With the rise of the Behemoths, the human resistance movement called “Slayers” have taken up arms against this new threat, and the player starts as one of the Slayers on his first mission. As a rookie, your deployment unit gets attacked and this is where the fun begins, as you get your combat tutorial and a first taste at the Behemoths.

Dauntless gameplay

As a Slayer, you are equipped with your weapon of choice, but you can craft and upgrade everything you use in your fight against the monsters. Looking from a distance, the game can be divided into two parts: the combat and the sanctuary parts. Now, the Sanctuary is the place for all out-of-combat tweaking and preparation phases, but it is also the center for the social aspect of the game. Like main faction cities in other MMOs, this is where the game will really wake up the old school MMO social goodness and feel, like in the old days of WoW. Also, you queue for combat like for a random dungeon and many difficult or heroic Behemoths can’t actually be defeated without a party.


There are three standard weapon types in Dauntless: Slashing, Blunt, and Piercing. Weapons often have a special ability or a firearm integrated within them, which charges as you fight and do combo moves. Now, combos are the most important aspect of the game, as is the player’s reaction time. Unlike most other MMOs, in Dauntless movement and player reflexes are really what matters, as the monsters all have tough and strong attacks which need to be dodged. In short, the game rewards good combat skills, smart preparation, and fast learning of the monster’s pattern of attack.

Dauntless appearance

As mentioned, Dauntless graphics and design are similar to Fortnite, but significantly improved. Animations and character movements are impeccable while everything has still kept that cartoonish style and feel. Now, one thing, in particular, is worth the praise and that is lip sync. The characters talk and move their lips as if they are really saying the words, which makes the game so much more immersive.


Dauntless’ cross-play feature is the final piece of the puzzle, which makes this game a serious pretender to the MMO throne as it already achieved critical acclaim on PC. Now, PS4 and Xbox One owners can join in on the fun, and they can all share the same servers and play together. The game looks and feels amazing, and it is a definite hit. All that paired with the fact that it is free-to-play makes it a definite must-try for all MMO action RPG single/multiplayer aficionados. The only money you will ever need to spend on this game is if you want to look different than others and influence your character’s cosmetics.

8.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.9