Dead by Daylight Switch

Dead by Daylight has arrived on Switch

Dead by Daylight Switch is finally a reality, as Behaviour Interactive and Nintendo unveiled their mutual project on September 24. The game is now available on Nintendo eShop and other retailer publications and shops. The classic horror multiplayer fan-favorite comes in a new edition, with additional content, story elements, and cosmetics. It also includes the new Stranger Things add-on and additional chapters of the original story.

Dead by Daylight Switch players will now get 10 survivors, 9 killers, and 3 additional cosmetic packs. The mind-bending hunt between the killers and survivors has been adapted to the portable Nintendo Switch, giving thrills on the go. Now, this cat and mouse chase can be played in two modes; the player can either play as a survivor or the killer.

The Survivor gameplay style offers the player a third-person view and enables teamwork with others. Survivors can join forces to outsmart and outmaneuver the killers, while they can still also work alone. Playing as the Killer offers a first-person view, where the players will solely be focused on the kill. Nintendo Switch version comes with exclusive Trapper cosmetics and players who purchase either of the editions will be rewarded with an exclusive Trapper cosmetic pack. The players of the game know Trapper well, as he is the iconic killer from the game. Mathieu Côté, the game’s director and Behaviour Interactive’s Head of Partnership, said:

“We are incredibly happy and proud to launch Dead by Daylight on the Nintendo Switch. This is another way for us to get the game into as many hands as possible. It is also a great opportunity for our players to play the game they love, anywhere. I would like to extend a warm welcome into the world of the Entity to Switch users. The first few games will be hard but hang in there… the upcoming victories will be worth it.” – Mathieu Côté, the game’s director

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror asymmetrical video game that features the unique feature of letting players play together as both killers or survivors, offering a unique blend of thrill and horror to all. The game is often described as the horror game of cat and mouse, as players use combat but also stealth to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents. While it now arrived on Nintendo Switch, the game was previously only available on PC.