Dead Cells coming to mobile this summer


Dead Cells iOS and Android versions have just been announced. According to the latest news, Dead Cells mobile version will arrive this summer. The roguelike game enjoys critical and commercial success and will finally transition to other portable devices, which was long predicted.

Dead Cells video game’s developer and publisher is Motion Twin, a studio based in Bordeaux, France. The game paired the roguelike setting with an action platform Metroidvania environment. The game earned extremely positive feedback, which emphasizes its balancing and pacing in particular. It has thus far conquered most of the platforms, including consoles and PC. The latest successful installation of the game was Dead Cells switch version and now, Android and iOS devices are long overdue.

Dead Cells mobile release date is, as of now, still not pinpointed exactly. The ‘summer’ timeframe given means anywhere within a three month period, from late June to September. The game also has its control system praised as smooth and intuitive, as it remains to be seen if Dead Cells Android and iOS versions will achieve the same.