Dead Cells DLC

Dead Cells is getting a huge DLC pack

One of the best action  RPG platformers or as people like to call it “roguevania”, Dead Cells is about to get a remarkable content update across all platforms in form of a DLC. Motion Twin, developer studio, has been working on this update for 9 months and regardless the main line of the story is complete, they are looking to add some more content and provide explanations and proper endings to the story with this free DLC.

You could see what to expect from this addition from the trailer, including a gameplay footage of the new dlc. Interesting enough, Motion Twins has been working for 18 years, making mostly casual free to play titles before deciding to try their luck in core games. Dead Cells was quite a big risk, and the decision to start to make it was not easy, but it’s surely paid off.

Which is amazing for a small studio without any hierarchical structure, set in Bordeaux, France. Each member of the studio is receiving the same salary and every decision is going to a democratic vote before taking action. Considering how developer studios are usually very tight with hierarchy and how they divide very sharply executives from workers, it’s very intriguing to see this approach to game development, and it certainly gives the results which speak for themselves.

According to the developers, this DLC should be released on 28th of March. The video also shows the Motion Twin team brainstorming about their next project, now that Dead Cells is finally done. All this indicates that we won’t have to wait very long, it will be certainly great to revisit the world of Dead Cells and enjoy some addition to the lore of the original game.