Some new info on Death Stranding


The release date for Death Stranding, the upcoming and eagerly awaited action video game, is moving closer. Players all over the world are now in their third year of waiting for this title, ever since its announcement at E3 2016. However, Death Stranding release date is as of yet unknown.

Hideo Kojima, the developer of Death Stranding, and Norman Reedus, the actor behind the main character of the game, recently shared some info at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 in New York about their upcoming project. Norman Reedus is a well-known actor, undoubtedly most famous for his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead hit series and from The Boondock Saints 1 & 2.

“Players will weep while they play Death Standing, if we do our job properly.”

This is the overall prognosis of Hideo Kojima, the developer, as he elaborated on the upcoming PS game on the New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. There is, as of yet, no gameplay footage or any other info available, besides the very honest likeness, the main character has to its actor, Norman Reedus.

According to the info Hideo shared, the game will feature the following:

  • Death Stranding will have anti-nuclear and anti-war themes
  • It will be an open-world action video game
  • The game will feature something Hideo called “camera manipulation”
  • Reedus said this will be more than just an action game
  • Reedus also said his character has many ‘cool toys’
  • A high level of detail, like tattoos on the Reedus’ character that have meaning to the story

The fans and players are still left to wait as no Death Stranding release date has been set. Hideo and Reedus both agree it will be worth the wait, as some people might cry if they wait another year.