3.3.0 Update MSF

Defenders beware! Sinister Six are in the city!

This week FoxNext surprised us with another update. Update 3.3 is bringing us an announcement for new Sinister Six Heroes and a lot of game fixes and upgrades. Here is a list of changes:

  • MVP Tracking – The number of times you’ve been the MVP is now tracked in Player stats and Alliance stats.
  • Canceled attacks now tracked as Defensive Victory in Participation and History
  • Enhance your squad with 2 new playable characters: Rhino and Shocker!
  • Also coming soon: Vulture and Mysterio
  • Roster Improvements: You can now favorite characters and multi-select with filters.
  • Added Alliance member toggles: control how many days of inactivity lead to a Leader or Captain being demoted or removed.
  • Gather your best City Villains for the Rhino Event Campaign!
  • Flash Event Update – Auto win Flash Events you’ve already completed.
  • Red Star Promotions now appear on the Find screen when available in the Elite Store.
  • Updated War Machine’s Ultimate ability description (Cluster Bombs) to show that this attack cannot miss, though it can be dodged.
  • Updated Rescue’s Passive ability description (Stark Upgrade) to clarify how it works in the Alliance War.
  • Bloody good fix: Now when Groot dies due to Bleed, his positive effects will correctly be given to teammates.
  • Also fixed: Minn-Erva is once again able to revive a character if they were eliminated with Bleed or Counterattack.
  • Patched up: S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic’s description for Emergency Treatment now correctly displays the Heal values.
  • Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Stun sometimes incorrectly lasted for 2 turns. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed an error with Juggernaut’s upgrade description text when upgrading his Ultimate ability (Crushing Charge).

As you can see, 4 new Heroes are announced and they are all members of the wicked City organization known as Sinister Six. However, after the maintenance, only one Hero has been added to our rosters. Rhino is a vicious Sinister Six protector who is especially effective against City Heroes and Heroes who relly on Blind like Magneto, Mordo, Star-Lord or Hawkeye. His skill-set is nothing out of the ordinary but his base damage is really great. He will also have a great synergy with Magneto who can pull all enemies together which will be ideal for Rhino since the majority of his skills strikes primary and adjacent targets. Combination of Rhino and Magneto will be deadly against any other Magneto-based team without Rhino because Rhino will nullify the effect of opposite Blind and he will cause havoc against pulled up enemies.

Marvel Strike Force Rhino featuredIt remains to be seen what advantages will Rhino have with the rest of Sinister Six squad but at the moment his true potential can be reached only in Magneto’s team. Other than that, Rhino will not have many uses because other heroes do not synergize well with him since he doesn’t offer very good protection and his skills can not cause the damage high enough to force you to use him instead of Hulk for example.

It is important to say that FoxNext announced Sinister Six Heroes as a logical counter to Defenders team and that Rhino will be an invaluable member of Sinister Six team so you should start to boost him as soon as possible even you don’t see the use for him at the moment.

Rhino is already implemented in all BlueMoonGame MSF Tier Lists and you can find all important information regarding him on our MSF Heroes Rhino page.

In my opinion, the most important news after this update is that you can not leave the battle in the Alliance War without consequences. From now on whenever you cancel the fight or you are forced to leave the combat for any reason that will be counted as a defensive victory which will greatly influence the MVPs of the future Alliance Wars. In last War member of the opposite alliance had 21 Defensive Victory on two nodes and he was named the MVP at the end although his damage-done was below average. You may think that this is just a cosmetic change, but truth to be told I love being MVP at the end of Alliance War and now I fear that I will never be the MVP again.

It is important to mention that the Phoenix Event has started and that everyone who succeeded in acquiring 6 stars for Mystic Villain Controllers will have the opportunity to open Phoenix easily since missions in her Event are not particularly hard.  I can’t wait to see what will be the new META team in the Arena now when Phoenix is at hand. I have some ideas of ideal teams but I will wait to see new Heroes in action before I change MSF Best Teams Tier List.

Until then, good luck MSF Heroes and may the Random Number Generator be with you!