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Destiny 2: Forsaken


Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, Destiny 2 has been every bit as successful as the first one, and it keeps getting better and better with every new expansion and patch. Destiny 2: Forsaken is already available for pre-order for PC, PS, and Xbox One, and it will bring us a whole new story, with innovative game modes and other new stuff. But, Bungie isn’t only working on new content, as we will see plenty of updates this summer for all players, which will include Solstice of Heroes event, exotic armor upgrades, more Bungie bounties, prestige raid lairs, and more…

Christopher Berrett, the game director of the Destiny 2 dev team, has announced that we will see more core mechanics improvements and features which were requested by the Destiny 2 community, which are mostly revolving around end-game content and customization.

In his own words, on the official Bungie site, Christopher Berrett said:

“It’s time to talk more about the second year of Destiny 2. This September, we’re adding core systems that will reinforce the Destiny hobby. We’re also planning to deliver much-requested features centered around customization and end-game pursuits. Now that Forsaken has been revealed, we can be more specific about what Year Two will deliver to every player of Destiny 2.”

The development roadmap shows the already added stuff, like Seasonal Crucible Rankings, Private matches, vault Space Increase, Multi-Emote, Exotic Weapon Masterworks, Seasonal Vendor Progression, Exotic weapon Sandbox changes, Heroic Strike modifiers, Nightfall challenge cards, Faction Rally, Crucible Labs, and more is coming our way.

On July 17, they’ve added 6v6 Quickplay, permanent Rumble Playlist, Expansion I & II raid Lair Prestige, PC clan text chat, and more exotic armor sandbox changes.

This year we will see more gear collections, in-game Triumphs, Weapon slot changes & randomization, Mod system updates, 4 new crucible maps, in-game lore, new bounties, and much more.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie truly showed they are ready to listen to the community and act on the feedback given, making the Forsaken community one of the most active ones today. So, in the developer’s words, Forsaken will be the culmination of all the feedback heard for the last year. While it mainly revolved around game mechanics, customizations, and other concrete stuff, we will also have the pleasure of playing through the new storyline.

The entire vibe of Forsaken is a bit darker and kind of western, with dark places and different kinds of guardians waiting. The scenery will be a barren asteroid wasteland with tumbling weeds, like some kind of a crazy futuristic western movie setting. As if that wasn’t enough, the story begins with a prison break!

The prison is filled with bad guys, the baddest of the bad, and when it breaks, all hell breaks loose.

The first place you go to is the Tangled Shore, which is a new place never seen before. It is practically an asteroid rock field, lashed together in empty and gloomy space. It is otherworldly, but not desolate. It is filled with pirates and assassins, as it is a lawless place, much like the Wild West was.

The most malevolent race is the Scorn, which is very aggressive and always charge head on to battle. The barons of the Scorn have all committed heinous crimes, and they are the worst of the worst, like the opposite of the magnificent seven (there are 8 Barons).

So, in what is called a Baron Hunt, you go head to head with each of these Barons. Each has different tools and skills at their disposal, but all are equally deadly and interesting to tackle.

For instance, the first Baron uses a sniper weapon, so you will have a sniper versus sniper battle with him, while the other one you’ll need to tackle in melee combat, and so on.

The new weapon system will allow you to customize your playstyle to better suit your gaming methods, and additionally, with the weapon randomization, every single weapon is going to feel differently when it drops.

The amount of customization and randomization combinations is endless, so virtually everyone who plays Destiny 2 will have his own way of combining things and making it their style. That’s, naturally, if the web doesn’t get flooded with META suggestions and guides.

Some of the new weapons include the Bow & Arrow, which is a sci-fi version of this ancient weapon, of course. You will have the short, medium, and long-ranged bow versions, with endless tech improvements, making it deadly and interesting to play.


As always, players all over the worlds are already debating META suggestions and setting up ultimate combinations, which is always drawing the attention of the community, but in a game with this level of customization capability, it will probably be counterproductive.

Firstly, the META doesn’t mean what most people think it means, which is the best playstyle system somebody thought of for a given game.

META means:

Most Effective Tactic Available


Most Effective Tools Available

It is why the META constantly shifts, and with Destiny 2 MIDA META, AR META, and the current exotic pulse META, Bungie seems to want to prevent this thing from happening if possible. That’s why they have taken the path to the randomization and customization announced, and it will probably make the game much more interesting to play, as it will prevent, or at the very least reduce, the number of META possibilities.

Bungie certainly proved they are willing to listen, but also deliver on the community’s feedback, and with the Destiny 2: Forsaken release date being set for September 4th, 2018, we only have a couple of months to prepare, and to dive in the endless sea of new content they’ve prepared for us, as well as enjoy the rewards of the new play styles.