Dilithium and Tritanium farming guide


Welcome to the introduction for our Star Trek Fleet Command Tritanium and Dilithium farming guide!

So what’s this all about?

The main goal of the guide is to provide a way, other than mining, to earn basic resources (Dilithium, Tritanium, and Parsteel). We intentionally didn’t mention Parsteel farming because, more often than not, you’ll have a surplus of this resource. Dilithium and Tritanium, on the other hand, can be in short supply, especially after starting expensive research (for Dilithium). Tritanium shortages will, most often, happen after donating huge amounts of this resource for one of the missions and there just wouldn’t be enough of it for ship construction/module upgrades. If you experienced this kind of trouble and are sick of competing for mining nodes, don’t worry we got your back.

The main idea of Star Trek Fleet Command Dilithium and Tritanium farming guide is to get resources by destroying the Hostiles (AI ships) in PvE and earn resources that way. Do note that this kind of gameplay is more suitable for active players since it will require a constant loop of finding and destroying Hostiles, and getting back to base to drop off resources and repair your ship(s).

The Dilithium and Tritanium gain can be maximized by using the Officers that belong to Starfleet Academy group (since they also grant very high bonuses vs Hostiles), while farming efficiency (the number of hostiles destroyed before repairs are needed) can be increased by selecting an appropriate ship type, that counters the Hostiles you wish to farm. In this guide, you can also find out which types of AI ships drop Tritanium and which types drop Dilithium. Besides that, we also briefly mentioned why moving your Starbase can be extremely beneficial when using this strategy.

If you’re interested and want to learn more, check out the full version of our Star Trek Fleet Command Dilithium and Tritanium farming guide by clicking on the link.