Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in 2019

Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in 2019

While Sony is taking a break from E3 2019, Microsoft plans to impress us with something new. Namely, we are getting an improved console next year which, however, will not be in the Scarlett family. This as the report says disc-less Xbox One will be a bridging product right before the next-gen Scarlett family comes in 2020.

Allegedly, Microsoft will also release a program which will allow users to use their physical discs as digital downloads. This means that those who gave Xbox One games on the disc can take them to Microsoft store and to replace the physical copy for a digital one. The disc-to-digital process would definitely be an interesting move that will make happy a lot of people especially since physical discs easily get damaged.

Disc-Less Xbox One

The price should also be lower than the regular Xbox One console which costs $300 and higher. Reportedly, it could be $200 but nothing definite was announced yet. This move also inspired Microsoft to consider creating a disc-less Scarlett family, but that is still under debate.    

Of course, this news is still just a rumor and Microsoft is yet to release an official announcement. So don’t rejoice just yet. During X018, Microsoft announced the acquisition of two studios: Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. Another four studios joined Xbox family during E3 2018: Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, Playground Games, and Compulsion Games. Also, the tech giant opened a new studio in Santa Monica and hired top talent to work for them there.  

The question remains whether disc-less consoles are the future of gaming and will Sony do the same with new PlayStation. Nonetheless, digital downloads seem to be the future with their numbers on the rise. Saying that that may be the future of gaming is a bit bold, but this rumor about Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One does sound great. We just have to wait and see what will the company say about it and if this report is actually true. But, one can hope when great things are involved.