Disc-less Xbox reportedly arrives in May


A while ago there have been certain rumors circulating, about Xbox console which will not contain a disc drive. In the last couple of days, those rumors returned, this time with a little bit more information attached to it. Windows Central, which claims to have information from sources close to the production, the new console is called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

discless xbox

We still don’t know anything about how much it will cost or any hardware specifications. However, initial reports suggested that discarding the disc drive would bring the price into the area between $100 and $200. The first reports of Maverick, which is a codename for disc-less Xbox One, appeared in November last year. The tech site Thurrott leaked info about the upcoming device, adding that estimated launch date is somewhere in the spring of 2019.

discless xbox

The latest reports seemingly confirmed previous leaks, adding that a “near-global simultaneous launch” while preorders for the Xbox console without disc drive will happen in April this year. The console itself will hit the shelves in May. After years of struggle, caused mostly by the $499 price tag, Microsoft advanced considerably for the last year in every department, including the console building. Seems that Microsoft will have a competitive console on the market once again.

discless xbox

On the other hand, Microsoft games have given up the exclusive status with the introduction of Xbox Game Pass, which will enable the players from all platforms to play Xbox games. Many of the retailers have been struggling because this means that you don’t have to own Xbox One console in order to play Xbox games. Phil Spencer, vice president of gaming at Microsoft, disagrees with that, saying that Game Pass increases software sales, which is the main point of video game business. Also, Microsoft early adoption of streaming has proven as a smart move for the company so far.