DotA Underlords Blood Bound strategy


Today we present to you an interesting DotA Underlords strategy, one that relies on the death of several its units. The guide revolves around Blood Bound alliance. There are several variations of this strategy depending on what kind of units and items you get in the shop.

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The few conditions needed for this strategy to be effective:

  1. Quickly and naturally (without too much early game shop-rerolls) gain 3-star Ogre Magi along with several Warlocks. It will depend mostly on luck.
  2. Big-Time Contract item received and have one good attack damage unit that can utilize this item. That unit needs to be at least 2-star, otherwise, the stats are weak.
  3. Aside from these two units, the strategy requires some addition that can take hit, for example, 2-set druid build.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One cannot just decide and pursue Blood Bound alliance by rerolling shop. Instead, have it as an option in the back of your mind and only if during the first few rounds you get a lot of Ogre Magi/Warlock units, give it a go. Even then we still need Big-Time Contract. If lucky enough to receive Dragon’s Hoard item, one could go for Dragon Knight/Puck combo.
Suffice to say, this could the most dominant Dota Underlords strategy, but it requires an enormous amount of luck. Also, it is preferred to have something like Nature’s Prophet/Treant, or some Warrior combo, because we need something to take a hit and play a defensive role on the board.

The core of the Blood Bound Dota Underlords strategy:
Blood Bound 3 star Ogre
1. Warlock (2-star)
2. Ogre Magi 3-star
3. (Druid or Warrior combo, for defensive purpose)
4. Warlock (2-star)
5. Warlock (1-star)
6. Warlock (1-star)


And here are few combinations that we fill the rest of the roster.

Fil up roster with one of these options
Option 1 (Warrior+Trolls)
6. Troll Warlord (Big-Time Contract)
7. Witch Doctor
8. Kunka
9. Lycan (Optional Big Time Contract unit)
Option 2 (Knight+Dragon) (Dragon’s Hoard-item)
6. Dragon Knight (Big-Time Contract)
7. Pluck
8. Omni Knight
9. Keeper of the Light
Option 3 (Dem.Hunter+Druid+Elusive)
6. Anti Mage
7. Terrorblade (Big-Time Contract)
8. Nature’s Prophet
9. Treant Protector

Tier One Units

  • Ogre Magi – this one is the main damage source and it must have 3 stars.
  • Warlock – buy this one only 8 times. 8 Warlocks will make up for 2 x 2-star, and 2 x 1-star warlocks, potentially providing Ogre Magi and Blood Contract unit with 400% Attack Damage for the rest of the battle. If Warlock gets upgraded to 3-star, this bonus will remain only 125%.
  • (Option 3), Anti Mage (Demon Hunter, Druids, Elusive) adds pressure to the enemy team by burning their mana, as well as complete Elusive 3-set combo with 2 druids.

Tier Two Units

  • (Option 1), Witch Doctor it completes Warlock and Troll sets, besides, it stuns the enemies and heals team as a part of the Warlock alliance.
  • (Option 2), Pluck is a complementary unit to Dragon Knight in case you received Dragon’s Hoard in some of the neutral waves.
  • (Option 3) Treant Protector and Nature’s Prophet, both compensate nicely the weak side of Blood-Bound early game. Also, the added tankiness and summoned units will alleviate some pressure from the Ogre Magi and Big-Time Contract unit, allowing them more time to finish off the opponent.

Tier Three Units

  • (Option 2) Lycan is great as the Bit-Time contract unit because he is not only safe due to the increase in health and movement, but he gets 40% crit chance, and that coupled with 400% attack damage is HUUGE!
  • (Option 2) Omni Knight. In this option, we have Bit-Time contract on Dragon Knight, and having Omni Knight complete both of DK’s sets (Humans and Knights) is extremely beneficial, and on top of that Omni can heal units, providing more time for the big guns to do their jobs.
  • (Option 3) Terrorblade is an awesome carry unit. When transformed he adds bonus to damage and attack speed bonus. Add this on top of 400% of Blood Bound bonus from B.-T. Contract, and the Demon alliance bonus, and it is clear why Terrorblade destroys his opponents.

Tier Four Units

  • (Option 1) Troll Warlord. This one by himself is a very good unit, but when you take into account the composition of 2-Troll set, 3-Warrior set, insane amounts of attack speed and to top it all of 400% Attack Damage… I don’t think this requires further explanation.
  • (Option 1) Kunka job is to provide warrior set bonus, take some hits, and send out Ghostly Ship to stun the enemies. In essence, he is there to provide enough time for the team.
  • (Option 2) Dragon Knight in this option is a key component and everything revolves around him. With Puck in the team, he can transform into elder dragon, receiving a bonus to attack damage. Add the percentage of the gold amount from Dragon’s Hoard, and 400% from Blood Bound/B.T contract. He gets damage reduction from being coupled with Omni Knight, and potentially some healing. If you decide as a 10th unit to add some warlock, that is potentially even more healing for this already beefy destroyer.
  • (Option 3) Keeper of the Light finish off the Mage set and it adds tons of damage against clumped-up enemy teams. Also, his attacks can silence as a part of the Human Alliance.

Blood Bound Big-Time contract positioning

The two major goals when thinking about positioning are:

  1. Sacrifice all 1- and 2-star Warlocks/Ogres with only the strongest Ogre being as an exception.
  2. Protect the strongest Ogre piece (preferably you have only one 3-star), and protect Big-Time contract units.
    On the picture below we have an example of this kind of positioning.
    Note how lucky I was and got two B.T. contracts.
Dota Underlords Blood-bound Big-Time Contract ExamplePositioning Exception:

When facing a team of assassins, have some of the “sacrificial” units at the back to soak those “blink-strikes”.
Now, let’s discuss some positives and negatives of this Dota Underlords build.

Strength and Weakness of Blood Bound Dota Underlords build

  • Impressive/dominant showing. When able to achieve all win conditions, having 2 giant units that deals 400% AD is very fun and kinda scary for the opponents.
  • By shifting the B.T contract to a different unit, one can easily change the focus of the composition. For example, if the “optional” part of the build consists of, let’s say, 3 star Nature’s Prophet, and there are already too many melee units on the board, swapping focus to the range can be a huge increase in the efficiency.
  • This strategy is somewhat unreliable and way too specific. It requires a certain item and a particular set of units. Besides, at least 4 of these units need to die for this strategy to reach full strength.
  • One cannot aim to create this build rather, it has the chance to appear and the player must recognize that chance and capitalize on it. It is extremely expensive to claim 8 Warlock and 9 Ogre Magi units in the shop with just rerolls.
  • Weak against elusive/warrior/knight sets with at least 2 set bonuses active. This strategy relies heavily on attack damage, that is clear, but there is a problem in that. Mainly, Ogre Magi and B.T. contract-unit are the core of the team and almost all of its damage. When that damage gets dodged due to elusive set bonus, it is a catastrophe.
  • Upgrading 1-star warlock into a 2 star is very tricky because it reduces the number of buffs from 2 to 1, and it needs to be done at least two times when upgrading first two 2-star Warlocks (again, remember, under no circumstance should he be upgraded to 3-star because it will go from 4 buffs to 1 buff to attack damage on Ogre magi and contract-unit).

To conclude about Blood-Bound Big-Time contract Dota Underlords strategy. It offers a lot of fun and joy however, it is an unreliable and difficult for power management. If you would like us to feature some build, let us know in the comments below, what is it you like about the build and what are the core features/win conditions.