Dota Underlords strategy Warrior – Druid – Scaled


How to Win in Dota Underlords? This is the question on the minds of many in the community, but with so many options to build a composition, this transforms into the issue of selecting Dota Underlords strategy.

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While there is a plan to create a guide for overall game mechanics, today in this topic I am going to focus on one specific team that had a lot of traction for me personally, so I hope by sharing it, you will have the same sort of success.

2 x Druid, 5 x Warrior, 2 x Scaled, 2 x Knight, 4 x Savage (final build)
1. Tusk
4. Treant Protector (Nature’s Prophet)
5. Pudge
6. Slardar
7. Lycan
8. Abaddon
9. Medusa
10. Troll Warlord

Because 2 set Druid is very strong early on, aside from Enchantress, we pick Trent Protector or Nature’s Prophet simply because they are tier 2, thus available in the early game. Build them only up to 2 stars and then wait for 2-star Lone Druid and replace the former.

Alliances in order of importance Bonuses
2 x Druid An easy 3-star unit early on can be a game-changer.
3 x Warrior (5 in final build) 10 armor per unit
2 x Scaled 30% Magic Resist for all allies
2 x Heartless -5 Armor to all enemy units
2 x Trolls 35% Att.Speed for two trolls.
2 x Knight 15% less physical and magic damage for 2 knights
4 x Savage 25% Att. Damage for all allies


From the table above we can see the amount of resilience, this build provides, making it a defensive powerhouse while at the same time it is able to take down the majority of teams with Medusa and two Trolls.

Note: It is best if this is just one Dota Underlords strategy out of 6 or 7, so you can pick the one that is most suited for what you have available.

This is the best Dota Underlords strategy for reliable progression that I know off (You can try it, and see it for yourself).

  • Tusk (Best early game option because it helps you get Warrior 3-set faster).
  • Enchantress (she plays an important role in positioning which will be explained in more details further into this guide.)
  • Batrider (In addition to Troll attack speed bonus, Batrider receive a defensive bonus from Knight alliance).

Tier Two Units

  •  Pudge fits well in combination with Abaddon and because he gains armor from Warrior alliance, it makes him a good front line. In addition, Pudge can save some of the range damage dealers by using Hook onto the assassin that jumps at the back-line.
  •  Slardar (the sooner you pair this one with Medusa, the easier will be dealing with mages).
  • (Optional: pick Nature’s Prophet or Treant Protector as an option before getting the Lone Druid. If you manage to have Enchantress and one of these at two stars, then you’ll gain one three-star unit, which is great up to the mid-game. Later on, when L.D. is an option, preserve Enchantress and sell the Prophet or Trent, whichever you opted for. Final alliance members are Enchantress and L.D.).

Tier Three Units

  • Lycan. Aside from being tanky due to Warrior alliance bonus, he is a key component in locking the Savage alliance second set (25% Attack damage.)
  • Abaddon pairs up with Pudge to reduce the armor of all enemies by 5, but also with Batrider to complete Knight set.

Tier Four Units

  • Medusa. Other than being very powerful damage unit that deals a lot of damage, in combination with Slardar grants Scaled bonus, 30% Magic Resistance, which is a great late-game addition.
  • Troll Warlord. In combination with Batrider, these trolls will deal loads and even take some damage. Troll receive Warrior alliance armor set bonus.
  • Lone Druid. Put him on the board only after he reaches a base 2-star rank.

◄ Druid-Warrior-Scaled Dota Underlords strategy positioning ►

Default: Place the range units in the corner and surround them with melees.

Place Enchantress just in front of other range heroes but behind melee ones, and if you have a spare armor, fit it on. Her job is to take shots from the assassins trying to jump onto your range units.

Dota Underlords Defensive SetupPositioning Exception:
For the most part, there are one or two players in the game that are a real threat. If one such player is running the 6-mage composition or strong Kunk, in that case, spread the team around.

Now, let’s discuss some positives and negatives of this Dota Underlords strategy.


  • Very resilient build with a lot of defensive values including Warrior, Scaled and Knight alliance sets.
  • The closer it gets to the full build, the more it becomes reliable
  • It is not the build that revolves around an any-one specific item, instead, you can just pick whatever is the best item stats-wise.


  • Weak Early game. Unless you get 2-set Druid from the start, with both units having base two stars, this comp will struggle in the early game. Consider going for a losing streak in order to reach 50 gold as soon as possible.
  • This build really “comes online” at level 10 with all units/alliances activated. It has some value at lower levels, but it depends more on who you are facing.
  • Weak against 6-set Mage build. Because this combo is not great at bursting down opponents, it relies on outlasting while steadily dealing damage. This is a problem when facing 6-set Mage combo because this comp won’t last as long due to reduced Magic Resistance (and if the Mages are strong).

This concludes everything of importance for this Dota Underlord strategy, hope you found it helpful, and have a good game.