Dota Underlords “Trollock” strategy

Here you can find the core of Troll-Warlock (“Trollock”) guide for Dota Underlords. It is an extremely efficient and reliable way to provide you with the foundation to create a strong Dota Underlords strategy.

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While warlocks are somewhat old news, the combo with Trolls became relevant with the buff to its bonus (2-Troll set now provide additional 10 Attack speed to all, along with 35 to Trolls only). While this change is not huge, Warlocks seem to benefit from it most.

The benefit comes in two major ways.
First, warlocks now fill up mana faster, which means they unleash spells sooner, which means their set bonus activates earlier and has a greater chance of killing an enemy or healing an ally.

Second, after activating set-bonus, it has a greater chance (for both warlock and linked unit) to land an additional attack during that 3-second healing period. A difference between 1 and 2 is 100%, while the difference between 2 and 3 attacks is 50%, which is huge.

This particular Dota Underlords strategy features 4-Warlocks, 2-Troll, 2-Knight, 2-Heartless and 1-Demon bonus, and this is all done with just 6 units.

Trollock strategy
1. Venomancer
2. Batrider
3. Witch Doctor
4. Shadow Fiend (the core unit)
5. Abaddon
6. Necrophage

The key components of this strategy are:
• Troll-Warlocks alliance mixture of healing and increased attack speed.
• Shadow Fiend tremendous damage and ability to clear out all summoned units (which are currently very popular with Venomancer and Nature’s Prophet).
• It has the core of only 6 units, so one can fill it up with units that are in need, or that are often appearing in the shop.

Now the real advantage of this strategy is how nicely it fits with other low-number unit combinations (like 2-druid, Blood Bound, or some other alliance).

“Trollock” Dota Underlords strategy – units
Tier 1:

Venomancer. Two and three-star Venomancer is something very hard to deal with if left unchecked, especially against enemies without potent AoE abilities.
Batrider. Complete the Troll and Knight alliance with W.Doctor and Abaddon. Shadow Shaman is also an option until you get Batriders in the shop.

Tier 2:

Witch Doctor is a perfect link between Troll and Warlock alliance. Otherwise maybe not the strongest unit, but in this Dota Underlords strategy, it makes perfect sense.

Tier 3:

Shadow Fiend. The core of this strategy, the unit that does most of the damage and loads of healing. His huge area of effect ability is amazing for dealing with a summons from Venomancer, Nature Prophet and Lycan, all very prevalent in today’s meta.
Abaddon by completing Knight set with Batrider, Abaddon’s main purpose is to soak some damage while the rest of the team build up mana and unleash their own abilities. Also, he increases damage potential by completing 2-Heartless combo with Necrophos.

Tier 4:

Necrophos. 4th Warlock, and 2nd Heartless unit, Necrophos fits perfectly into the composition adding to the potency of AoE damage/healing.

How to position Dota Underlords – “Trollock” strategy?

It is fairly simple, the main damage dealer is Shadow Fiend, thus he needs to be protected, while Abaddon is there to soak the damage and he should be the one with most exposure (with second Knight, usually Batrider, standing just behind him).
Depending on the optional units (those not mentioned in this strategy), they should be placed according to their role (defense, or offense). For example, Treant Protector (if you run 2-Druid set) should be positioned next to Abaddon.

Dota Underlords “Trollock” strategy +/

-Extremely versatile and customizable build. It has only one 6 essential units, and they are fairly easy to complete.
Strong vs summon-based strategies due to the power of Shadow Fiend.
No item requirements, which further reduces the randomness, which means it is a very reliable strategy.

-Weak against Heartless composition with Wicked Intent (an item that reduces the healing done depending on the number of Heartless units).
-It is open-ended, meaning it requires some knowledge of other Dota Underlods strategies to create one complete combo.
Weak against 6-Hunter builds due to their strong, consistent, long-range damage. There is a high chance some the units in this composition will die even before first warlock cast spell, and this creates a negative “snow-ball” effect.

Overall, this build is something like a foundation upon which one can create various compositions. Hopefully, you will put it to good use. If you think there are valuable builds we have not yet covered, let us know in the comments below.