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Dragalia Lost out on mobile (Android)

Dragalia Lost was revealed earlier this year and it felt a bit random at that time. Not only Cygames and Nintendo were collaborating on a mobile game, but it would be a mobile game that would start a new IP and get released during this year. The time went on quickly and now the Dragalia Lost hit the mobile stores, although, it did not see a release in the likes of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or even Europe. Cygames developed title did get to have the United States added as a day one launch title and it’s a good thing it did because Dragalia Lost is actually a pretty impressive RPG.

Like most of the JRPG games set in the fantasy world, Dragalia Lost is an anime-like game, and, in its current state, it takes place in or around the Kingdom of Alberia. The story revolves around a young prince called Euden, seventh heir in the line of the throne of Alberia. Also, he has a twin brother called Zethia.

Both he and his sister are born from a royal family that possesses a unique ability most of the people don’t share, and that is the ability to form pacts with dragons, which in turn allows them to transform into the dragons they’ve formed a pact with, temporarily. Yep, something Daenerys Targaryen would kill for. The trick is, unlike their older siblings and father, at the beginning of the game, neither Euden or Zethia have formed a pact with a dragon since Euden has deliberately avoided doing so and Zethia actually walks a different path altogether from her family. Let’s just stop here, to avoid spoilers, since the game isn’t yet available to the most of the world. A bit of hint: it’s about the dragons.

Dragalia Lost plays in a direct way, and its approach is pretty no-nonsense. Players got to navigate a given area, using their finger on the screen and sliding it in the direction they wish to move. When players see an enemy they want to strike, they have to tap multiple times, and when available, press the highlighted skill icon or even the highlighted dragon icon, to perform a special attack or turn into a dragon and deal devastating damage.

Dragalia Lost is subdivided into mini-dungeons that can be conquered alone or cooperatively in real-time with up to three other players. During these quests, even if you don’t have a companion to play with, you can choose another player to “bring”, which solely grants access to their currently equipped special attack. In case they’re your in-game friend, you can use this ability three times instead of one.

Cygames were already a fantastic developer (and highly successful too, if you remember Rage of the Bahamut) in their own right, but the cooperation with Nintendo and using of their talents and knowledge made Dragalia Lost truly a great piece of the game. There’s an option to pay your way to the victory, but every true gamer will deny that with disdain, choosing rather to muscle through levels until becoming a fearsome dragon master. You can grind for hours on end, the means are there so you can do so without paying. Grinding is one of the least favorite gaming mechanics in JRPGs, but it’s one of the integral parts of those games, and the enjoying one of the best roleplaying games this year is worthy of plowing through the endless hordes of monsters. Dragalia Lost is the great example of what happens when two major companies join forces for one game.

Dragalia Lost



Dragalia Lost is a great example of what happens when two major companies join forces for one game.

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