Dragon City


Now, who wouldn’t want to own a dragon? Just think of it: a legendary beast capable of breathing fire, flying, and all sorts of other things, and you, its master, with the exclusive power to control it and guide it through life. But, how about two, three, or fifteen dragons, or even a whole city stacked with different dragon-like beasties? That’s where Dragon City, an uber cute game by Social Point, comes in to uphold this worthy fantasy.

This game puts you in the role of a novice Dragon Master who has to build up his own dragon empire on one (or more) enchanting flying islands.

Unfortunately, caring for your draconian wards and turning your city into a flourishing dragon utopia is a little more complex than playing with a simple Tamagotchi (remember what those are, right?). Think of it as raising mischievous children or sulky teens, only twenty feet tall with claws, fangs, spikes, and fire breath – lots of things can go wrong there, can’t it? Luckily, we’ve raised a dragon or two in our time, so we can help you with that serious task and make you the best Dragon Master you can be – the one that will, perhaps, rival even the famous mother of dragons.



You probably already know how things work in the Dragon City game. The main correlation that you need to realize is that dragons generate your gold, but, in order to make them as effective as possible in this task, you need to level them up as quickly as you can. Of course, that will cost you prodigious amounts of food.

Now, if you’re just starting with the game, the best possible tip that we can give you is to initially focus on building Terra Habitats. Although they have the smallest gold capacity in the game, the will give you the ability to hatch robust Terra Dragons. They, on the other hand, generate most gold per minute, which is extremely important in the early stages of the game where you’ll have a relatively small number of dragons at your disposal. However, keep in mind that Dragons can only produce gold when they are in the adequate Habitat. When Habitats reach their maximum, they’ll stop producing gold.

In the case that you’re one of those players who won’t play so regularly, then it’s best to opt for Sea Habitat in the beginning. It has one of the best gold storage capacities in the game (up to 10000 gold) even when it’s not upgraded, so when you check into the game after some time, there will be a nice sum waiting for you which you’ll be able to put to good use. Otherwise, it could be pretty frustrating to return after a day or so and see that your Terra Habitats will provide you with just 500 gold. That being said, it is always good practice to pick up the incomes from Habitats and Farms before you end your gaming session so that they can start generating them again.



On the other hand, in order to hatch your dragons and level them up, you’ll need food. To provide enough food, you’ll need to build farms. Initially, you’ll be able to build just a couple of farms. Build them to produce Dragon Bell food, which takes just about 30 seconds before you can harvest it – that way you’ll be able to start upgrading your dragons quickly. In the later phases (or at the end of your session) you can order them to produce other types of plants. Depending on the type, other plants will take much more time before they’re ready, but they will also produce food in much larger quantities.

The other tip that we can give you about the farms (which applies to just about anything in this game) is to try to level up as quickly as possible. That is in your best interest, because the higher your level is, the more buildings you’ll be allowed to own. That again means more farms, a surplus of food which will give you more dragons of the higher level and they will generate you more gold. A simple yet effective calculation that will make your dragon city more efficient. Of course, at the higher levels, you’ll unlock more efficient types of farms such as Big and Huge Food Farms, so the things will catch momentum pretty fast.

Concerning quick leveling, almost any action in this game will earn you XP, so whatever you do, don’t be passive. Even when there’s seemingly nothing to do, clear up unnecessary trees and even that will give you some XP to level up.


The third important resource in the Dragon City is gems. You’ll use them for all sorts of things, from speeding things up and buying unique dragons, through buying new lots of land, to acquiring special types of buildings such as Ultra Breeding Tree. However, since they are relatively rare and incredibly valuable, try only to use them when it’s absolutely necessary. That means that it’s best to resist the urge to speed things up because there are better uses for your hard-earned gems, such as, for example, upgrading your Hatchery.

So how you’ll get them, anyway? Well, you can simply buy them in the in-game store, but you can also earn them fair and square by completing a number of actions such as leveling up, vanquishing the opponent teams in PvP, accomplishing various quests (for example breading rare types of hybrid dragons), completing collections of the Dragon Book, and other. Currently, the easiest way you can get them is by simply connecting with your Facebook account, and you’ll immediately get a one-time boost of 10 gems.


Dragon Breeding and Combat

Of course, first and foremost, this is a game about the dragons, so their breeding and crossbreeding make one of the most important and certainly most intriguing aspects of the gameplay. Initially, you’ll be able to build just a few basic Habitats (Terra, Flame, Sea, and Nature) which will provide you with basic elemental dragons. As you level up, you’ll unlock new Habitats which will allow you to expand your range of dragons.

Now, there are too many possible combinations to mention them all here, but here is the basic logic of how this process works. There are currently 19 types of habitats and dragons and all of them can be combined in the Breeding Mountain to produce various hybrid dragons. By combining basic types of dragons, you’ll get hybrid dragons. However, there is another level here – include the hybrid types in the breeding combination and you might get rare or even legendary hybrids.

Since luck plays a major factor here, if you don’t manage to immediately produce that particular dragon you wish, we recommend you to continue experimenting and your persistence is bound to pay off.

Combat is highly recommendable since it can be used as a nifty extra source of gems, as long as you’re doing it right. As you probably know, the combat itself is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, take advantage of elemental weakness certain types of dragons might have, because they’ll result in critical damage.

For instance, Terra Dragons are earth creatures, so they’ll be vulnerable to ice, water or metal. If you have any dragons with that characteristic in your group, feel free to swap dragons in combat, in order to utilize their abilities as best as you can.

Likewise, if you go head to head with dragons of the same type, don’t waste special attacks, because they’ll most likely be useless due to their innate elemental resistance. Instead, hit them with a basic attack; if you have a high-level dragon, it will do a considerable amount of damage. Legendary dragons are pretty much immune to elements and normal attacks, so if you don’t have a legendary class dragon at your disposal, you better avoid confrontation with them. Thankfully, there’s no risk of losing your precious dragons even if you lose the match, so make sure to engage in combat whenever your other duties allow.

These were the essential tips and tricks that should help you establish the basis of your economy, train and breed some great dragons and show you the ropes when it comes to combat. Follow them, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a truly great Dragon Master. Of course, there’s much more to do in Dragon City, so be sure to continue exploring on your own. As you can see (if we don’t count the in-game store and its packs of gems, food, gold and grid coins) in this game there is no magic trick that can solve all your problems – governing a dragon city and bringing up the dragons is a hard and demanding, yet, undoubtedly, extremely satisfying task.