Thursday, November 22

DN Classes

Currently, there are 7 different  Dragon Nest Mobile classes. Each class provides the unique gaming experience and the game encourages the player to play with more than one class. As a matter a fact it is important that player learns the pros and cons of every class in Dragon Nest Mobile for Android in order to know how to assemble a serious party for Nests and Dragon Lairs later on. Blue Moon Game provided you with the most important information about every class and if some other classes are about to be introduced later be sure that we will feature them as soon as possible.

When you start the game you will need to choose your class. You can read a brief explanation of every class where you can learn what is a game-play difficulty for each class. Don't be discouraged if you prefer to play with the class which difficulty level is hard (Archer for example) because you will learn how to play with any class in no time. Full info about each class is available to you on this page, so I suggest that you check it before you start playing the game.

Dragon Nest Mobile is game with a lot of potentials and I am sure that you will be drawn into the game the moment you start playing. If you need information about gameplay and game features check our DM Guides page.