Monday, November 19

Dragon Nest Mobile is another game featured by Blue Moon Game!


On 4th September 2018, Shanda Games released Dragon Nest M for Android and Ios. The game is a mobile version of the famous Dragon Nest released by Eyedentity Studios. Until now it has more than a million downloads and an average score of 4.7.

Because of its growing popularity and game quality, Blue Moon Game decided to feature all aspects of the game and make the journey through Dragon Nest World easier to the Blue Moon Game faithful readers.

Dragon Nest Mobile

The game itself is very interesting and brings many new aspects in mobile gaming. It is not a simple “AutoQuest” game like Lineage 2 Mobile or Blades Reborn – it is a masterpiece which requires a full focus and concentration.

After choosing one of seven available classes you start your journey trying to protect the young prophet Rose. The main story is, unfortunately, the same for any class but nevertheless, you will want to play, level and master each class. Mastering the skillset of each class is very important because the game encourages multiplayer and you will want to know what are the skills and possibilities of every class.

Through the game, you will be introduced with many tasks which will bring you various rewards. Your main goal is to level as fast as you can and to improve your character in the best possible way while doing that. The fastest way of increasing your BP (Hero overall power) is by crafting new gear which materials can be found in Monster Nests and Dragon Lairs. However, that is not the only way because a lot of other things also improves your BP (Sprites, Album Pictures, Dragon-Ware, Emblems, Jades, etc ..).

Dragon Nest Mobile

Combat in Dragon Nest is not very hard (depending on the enemy) but requires players full attention and skill coordination. In some segments of the game, you can use Auto-combat but soon you will realize that manual combat is a lot faster and more efficient.

Blue Moon Game already added a lot of useful info on the site and I suggest that you check our first step in featuring this great game.

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Any new content about the Dragon Nest will be announced immediately, so stay tuned.

Until our next meeting, good luck and play Dragon Nest!