Among The Sleep Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game

Dreadful Atmosphere Horror Among the Sleep Coming to Nintendo Switch

In 2014, Krillbite Studio developed and released a survival horror action-adventure Among the Sleep. And now, Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch and it was about time since the game was already available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Among the Sleep allows players to take the role of a toddler who’s an only companion is a teddy bear named Teddy. In order to find his mother, the toddler must look for her in the dark and spooky places of the house. In order to find his mother, the toddler with help from Teddy must find the memories of her and find the way from the ominous playhouse. The story is full of symbolism which can be disturbing at times, but in the end, it all fits nicely into the conclusion.

Although Krillbite Studio is pretty busy with their new game Mosaic, thanks to proposed collaboration by publisher Soedesco and fans asking for Switch version, Among the Sleep will be soon available for this console as well. In the blog post about this edition, the developer expressed how pleased it is with the job Soedesco did, as well as that the game looks great in handheld mode.

Among The Sleep Coming to Switch

“The Switch has turned into a great platform for indie games, and we’re proud to see Among the Sleep up there with so many other great indie titles,” said Krillbite Studio.

Additionally, Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition will come with some new content, especially for Nintendo Switch. The game will feature new dialogue, improved visuals, and even better performance. The game also includes an alternate ending which didn’t make the cut and is accessed through the Museum level, and this version was much more sinister and upsetting.

There is no specific date yet but Krillbite Studio promises that the game is “real and it’s coming and we’ll give you the release date as soon as we know.” Therefore, the Nintendo version is definitely happening and finally Switch users will get the chance to experience what so many players did five years ago on other platforms.