Star Wars Project Orca Canceled

EA canceled a Star Wars game

The first news that arrived stated that EA’s Star Wars game in the works, with a code name Orca, has been canceled. Now, Kotaku again reports updated information on the matter and it seems that the game is actually going to be replaced by a smaller project.

Orca was announced back in 2017 after Visceral Games were closed, and thus the resources were transferred to this new Star Wars project. Namely, EA decided to relocate resources from the Uncharted 2 director Amy Henning’s Star Wars game at Visceral to creating a less story-based title in order to create a broader experience. Henning’s game was intended to allow players to control a team of smugglers in an Uncharted-like title set in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Open World Game Canceled

An update now states that this Orca project was replaced with a smaller-scale project which is also set in the Star Wars universe. The new game is currently under development at EA Vancouver and is part of their development strategy. Apparently, the initial Star Wars game didn’t fit with the current EA development plans since it would take too long to finish. So, the new and smaller game has replaced it which should be released in 2020. Still, some of the employees at EA Vancouver hope that after this smaller game is done, the company will pick up Orca again.

Now, some facts about the narrative of Orca has also emerged. It was intended to take place in an open-world of planets and players would take a role of a mercenary – scoundrel or bounty hunter, who would have to cooperate with various factions and explore the worlds of the vast Star Wars universe.

As a reminder, Orca is not the only Star Wars game to never be developed. Battle of the Sith Lords with Darth Maul as the main protagonist never saw the light of day to the great disappointment of many fans of this Phantom Menace villain. And let’s not forget how Disney ceased the development of Star Wars 1313 when it took over LucasArts back in 2013. Also, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 was canceled due to market conditions and this game, later on, went to become The Old Republic, now a well-established MMORPG.