Empire Age of Knights Reveiw

Empire: Age of Knights Review

Empire: Age of Knights release date was on October 9th and the game is now ripe for review. It is a promising mobile strategy game that already enjoys moderate success on Android and is praised firstly for being part of the popular Empire game series, and then for choosing to go with medieval times. After that, the game has many high points, including its smooth cartoonish graphics which hides immersive and complex gameplay, so let’s dive in…

Empire Age of Knights

Development and reception

Empire: Age of Knights mobile game is offered by Goodgame Studios, which is an online games company based in Germany and founded in 2009. They started it all by releasing Goodgame Empire in 2011, which is a free-to-play castle-building strategy, naturally set in the medieval times, as a browser game. Web browser games were popular at the time, but after mobile gaming broke the market, the company has developed or acquired the rights to many more titles, like Goodgame Farmer, Goodgame Poker, and many others.

Empire Age of Knights

On Google Play, Empire: Age of Knights Android was already downloaded over 100k times. It is a free-to-play game, that naturally features in-game transactions. However, the amazing thing is that it already has nearly 7k votes and an overall score of 4.5 stars!


Since the last invasion of the Orcs, the world has changed much. The lives of men have returned to the normal balance and they had peace for a time. During this, Lords and Ladies have founded new kingdoms, naturally with beautiful castles, and they all focus on trade and prosperity. However, peace is never everlasting, and if you want peace, prepare for war, or “Si vis pacem, para bellum” as the old Latin saying goes.

Empire Age of Knights


This is where the player comes in, as a knight in charge of a single small settlement. And, this is the so-called ‘dwelling development’ gameplay. However, Empire: Age of Knights brings some unique features to both the dwelling development and strategy, and paired with how the game looks, it certainly does make it feel new.

The dwelling, starting small, can grow and expand as you progress and build new buildings. For those things you need resources which you need to gather. Also, you need to build an army to help defend your settlement and attack enemies. So far, these are all familiar mechanics. However, in this game, the emphasis is on medieval castles, and so your settlement quickly grows into a castle that you need to further specialize into either military or trading post.

Empire Age of Knights

The game’s intrigue is further improved by over 80 buildings available so far, which is much more than most mobile strategy games offer, and it also has its own way of presenting you with the world map. You are to explore it, discover new realms, trade or plunder resources, find secrets, and much more. In a way, this is a journey back to hardcore browser strategy games which were popular back in the late ‘00s. As Goodgame Studios certainly have experience in that arena, they fused the old school popular competitive gameplay, with the new mobile gaming system, new-age mechanics, and innovations of today.

The game further immerses the player with its complex features and by demanding that the player takes care of everything. There is no auto battles and stuff like that in Empire: Age of Knights mobile. Actually, depending on if the player chooses to focus on the economy or war, he or she may have an entirely different experience of the game altogether. There are also fun features, like diplomacy, which utilizes the online multiplayer opportunity to include the social factor into the gameplay, which was also what made the classic browser strategies so popular.


Contrary to classic browser games developed by Goodgame Studios to which we are constantly drawing comparison, this title features a 3D smooth and colorful graphics, with kind of realistic ‘toy-like’ graphics. This is what makes up for the deceptive look of the game, for it may look and feel like a children’s game, but it is in no way easy to play. The brutal competitive pace it reminds us of will soon set you straight and on edge, as war is in no terms supposed to be comfortable, or fair for that matter…

Empire Age of Knights


This game is made by a very successful developer of browser strategy games, which were popular around 2010s. Their Empire: Four Kingdoms mobile game is one of the highest-grossing apps on Google Play. Empire: Age of Knights mobile game combines the 3D advanced graphics of Four Kingdoms with the classic, gritty, and merciless bloodbath of classic online strategy games of the last decade and a half. All in all, it is a good way to get into mobile strategies if competitive online play is your thing, but its not for the faint of heart.

Empire: Age of Knights



Empire: Age of Knights is a good way to get into mobile strategies if competitive online play is your thing, but it's not for the faint of heart.

User Rating: 4.27 ( 3 votes)