Epic fantasy MMO Black Desert Mobile gets a new playable class

One of Black Desert Mobile’s deadliest character classes, the Sorceress, has finally made her way into Pearl Abyss’ stunning fantasy world. She’s a skilled, magic-focused character who excels in both ranged and melee encounters due to her eclectic mix of skills and mastery of Amulet and Talisman weapons.

This leads to her feeling quite different from the Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, and Valkyrie classes. Her main draw is her impressive damage output and ability to escape from danger at a moment’s notice using rapid dodges and teleportation powers – one of which leaves behind a dark magic explosion in her wake.

Black Desert Mobile - Sorceress

When faced with a high-damage opponent, it’s wise to dodge its attacks as often as possible to then follow up with a devastating Rushing Crow forward dash. Once you’ve got some ground between you and your enemies, it’s time to sling some Sinister Energy their way. This is a ranged spell that can do some serious damage.

If you happen to come across a boss or a larger group of enemies, the situation can be made easier through consuming Shards. These are often found around the battlefield, and they’ll give you an instant buff to your damage or attack range, which is especially handy for a character who needs to get in and out of up-close conflict quickly and effectively.

Black Desert Mobile - Sorceress

It would be madness to underestimate the Sorceress in any combat scenario. Her varied skills give her a level of depth that players will surely find satisfying, and her dark magic attacks are a blast to use.

But don’t take my word for it – download Black Desert Mobile now from either the App Store or Google Play to see which character class is your favourite.