Epic Seven Beginners Guide Part I – Sanctuary, Adventure


Welcome to Epic Seven Beginners Guide. This guide is divided into 3 separate guides about the most important features and functions of Epic Seven. Everything you need to know in order to have a good and easy start in this marvelous game you will find in Epic Seven Beginners Guide.

Epic Seven Beginners Guide

Smilegate is a well-known South Korean company responsible for a large number of iconic games which hit the market recently. Some of those games are CrossFire, SoulWorker, Lost Ark, Sky Saga: Infinite Isles, Chaos Masters, etc… On 18th November 2018, Smilegate released highly anticipated Epic Seven which was expected to move the boundaries of gacha games for mobile platforms. It is important to mention that Epic Seven had earlier release for the Asian market but the truth is that the final version of the game was not ready before 18th November.

When you start the game one thing is noticed immediately – Epic Seven graphic is definitely something you haven’t seen in mobile games before. Every detail is done with perfection and the first impression is that you are not playing a mobile game. When you get used to the look of the surroundings you are slowly drawn into a very interesting story which will point to you the most important facts you need to know about the Epic 7 world. The story itself is unique but to be honest it has many similarities with Greek Mythology – Gods are in a war and that war is raging through centuries. The war is taking casualties on all sides and one of those casualties is Orbis, a young lover of the Goddess of Creation Diche. After Orbis’ death, Diche is heartbroken and after long mourning, she decides to create a new world on Orbis’ remains in an attempt to prolong the memory of him. She used all her power to create Orbis-Land and decided to dedicate all her time trying to make a world which will flourish and progress like the love between her and Orbis. However, Ilryos, a powerful God and mutual friend of Diche and Orbis realizes that Diche’s role in the War of Gods is too great to be lost because of love, and he decides to create a powerful Arch-Demon whose only purpose is to destroy the Orbis-Land and bring back Diche’s attention on the ongoing war. Because of that, Diche is forced to create a group of Heroes in Orbis-Land who will fight the Arch-Demon and bring peace to the world. Those heroes, known as descendants of Diche, after a long fight destroys the Arch-Demon only to realize that Orbis-Land will face another Arch-Demon in an endless time-loop. Every time Arch-Demon is defeated, the new era begins in Orbis-Land and everyone except a young knight known as Ras, loses their memory of earlier events which means that no one is aware of the upcoming Arch-Demon threat.

This is where you are taking control of Ras and other Diche descendants in an attempt to defeat the Arch-Demon once and for all. After the initial fight where you will learn the basics of combat which is similar to the combat of other gacha games, you can see the game lobby and available game options. We will talk about each function in the game but first I will explain the rules of combat. You lead 4 Heroes in the battle and each Hero has a unique set of skills which can be used on their turn. Speed of the Hero determines when he/she will play and you can see the playing order of all combat participants on the left side of combat screen (Hero’s icon which is closest to the bottom of the screen will play first). Every skill generates a certain number of souls which is represented as some kind of mana in the middle-bottom part of the screen. Souls can be used for empowering specific skills or for summoning mighty Guardian who can inflict a vast amount of damage to your enemies. There are 3 different Guardians in the game: Arkasus, Zeaon, and Kromcruz. You start with Arkasus while other 2 guardians must be opened while doing Campaign Missions later on. Each Hero or monster has a specific element affiliation which is strong against some element and weak against others. There are 5 different elements and the concept is like RPS (rock-paper-scissors) which can you see on the Element Advantage picture below:

Elemental_AdvantageWhen you kill all enemies on map (usually 2 waves of enemies with Boss at the end, depending on game segment) or all your Heroes are dead, the battle is over. As you can see, there is nothing which we haven’t seen before in the combat mechanics and I am sure that you will get used to it in no time.

The game lobby is actually a tavern where you can see recently used heroes, doors to Sanctuary and a bunch of game options.

TavernI will now try to fully explain all game functions of every game segment you can find in the game lobby, so you can navigate through the game without wondering if you should be doing something else at the moment. I will start with:


Sanctuary is a place where you can build buildings essential for your game-play. Every building has its unique purpose and requires a Breath of Orbis for each and every upgrade. Breath of Orbis can be found only in Chaos Gates which can be entered only by doing side quests on World Campaign Map (adventuring button in the game lobby). There are 4 available buildings at the time and while you can build each building you will not have enough Breath Of Orbis for all upgrades so you will need to carefully plan what will be your priorities.

SanctuaryFirst building available to you right after a few initial fights is Heart of Orbis. Here you can generate Gold currency which is needed for purchasing various goods and Skystone currency needed for buying Summons and Gold, on a daily basis. There are 3 possible upgrades for this building: Cradle of Light, Mirror of Light, and Benedictory Sanctum.

Cradle of Light improves the total amount of currency you can store while generating to up to 36000 Gold and 9 Skystone when fully upgraded.

Mirror of Light determines how much currencies you will generate in 12 hours period to up to 3000 gold and 0.75 Skystone per hour on building level 3.

Benedictory Sanctum provides you with the chance to acquire additional rewards from the Heart of Orbis. When fully upgraded you can have 50% chance to earn 200% additional currency per hour.

Forest of Souls building is available to you after finishing chapter 2.4 on the World Map. This building is a place where you can nurture 3 different creatures invaluable for steady game progress. Those creatures are Penguins, Phantasms, and MolaGoras. Penguins are used for getting Experience and you can nurture Penguins with one, two or three stars  (Penguins with 3 stars grants the most experience). Penguins have an element affiliation which means that if you use penguins with water element it will grant the most experience for water heroes although it will improve the experience of other Heroes as well but for a lesser amount. Phantasma’s primary use is for promoting Heroes. When you have a Hero with 3 stars and that Hero reaches the maximum level you can promote him into the Hero with 4 stars or more by using a certain number of creatures who have the same number of stars as Hero you want to promote. You can use any creature or Hero for that but the fact that you can produce Phantasmas every day makes them ideal for that process. MolaGora looks like a root and it is primarily used for enhancing skills of Heroes. For nurturing MolaGora you will need MolaGora seeds.

Sanctuary_ForestOfSoulsForest of Souls has 3 possible upgrade – Probability Blessing, Soul Isle Extension and Time Blessing.

Probability Blessing improves the chance of getting creatures of better grade to up to 70% chance for Getting 1-star Penguin, 27% chance for getting 2-star Penguin, and 3% chance for getting 3-star Penguin when fully upgraded. Phantasms and MolaGora can only be Low or Middle Grade.

Soul Isle Extension extends the number of nurturing slots. On level 3 upgrade you can nurture 3 different creatures at the same time.

Time Blessing decreases the time needed for nurturing creatures. When fully upgraded, the summon time is reduced by 15%.

Steel Workshop is the place where you can craft your own equipment and unlike in other games, this place can actually produce a high-quality gear. This building becomes available after clearing 3.3 chapter on World Campaign Map. Materials for crafting are gathered by participating in chosen Hunt on Battle screen. There are 4 types of gear – Wyvern Hunt Equipment, Golem Hunt Equipment, Banshee Hunt Equipment, and Azimak Hunt Equipment. Each gear class provides equipment with different bonuses and you should learn what these bonuses are, before deciding where to Hunt and what gear to produce.

Wyvern Hunt Equipment grants you gear with the critical set (increased critical chance), hit set (increased effectiveness) or speed set (increased speed).

Golem Hunt Equipment provides you with attack set (increased attack), defense set (increased defense), or health set (increased health).

Banshee Hunt Equipment allows you to produce gear with resist set (increased resistance), destruction set (increased critical hit damage), life-steal set (absorbs the portion of every strike and restore health), or counter set (increase the chance to counterattack after receiving damage).

Azimanak Hunt Equipment is a gear with unity set (increase the chance of triggering dual attack), immunity set (grants the caster immunity for 1 turn at the start of combat), or rage set (damage is increased when attacking debuffed targets).

Sanctuary_SteelWorkshopLike in other buildings, Steel Workshop has 3 possible upgrades – Extend Workshop, Artisan’s Furnace and Blacksmith’s Dormitory.

Extend Workshop reduces the amount of gold needed for crafting gear. When fully upgraded prices are reduced by 30%.

Artisan’s Furnace improves the chance of crafting high-quality equipment. On level 3 there is 35% chance of crafting Rare equipment, 53% chance of crafting Heroic equipment and 12% chance of crafting Epic equipment.

Blacksmith’s Dormitory reduces the amount of materials needed for crafting gear up to 30% on building level 3.

High Command becomes available after finishing chapter 3.7 on World Campaign Map. This is the building which allows you to send your Heroes on various automatic missions which provide you with Experience, Gold, Stigma (currency needed for hastening nurture in Forest of Souls), Ancient Coins (currency needed for purchasing special items) or Conquest Points (PVP currency needed for various goods). You can appoint to up to 4 Heroes on each mission but you can’t do more than 2 missions at the same time. Every mission provides you with bonuses if you use Heroes with traits which are specific for that mission (finishing time is reduced, you can get bonus rewards, etc..). There are 4 types of missions – Sanctuary Missions (gold and experience), Adventure Missions (stigma and experience), Hunt Missions (ancient coins and experience), and War Missions (conquest points and experience). Those missions are ideal for leveling Heroes you don’t use in combat which means that finishing them is the best way for acquiring spendable Heroes for promoting your main team.

Sanctuary_HighCommandHigh Command upgrades are Administration, Floating Station, and Barracks.

When fully upgraded Administration unlocks requirement from 3 Sanctuary Missions, 10 Hunt Missions, and 3 War Missions.

Floating Station on level 3 unlocks 3 Sanctuary Missions, 10 Adventure Missions, and 3 War Missions.

Baracks final upgrade allows you to unlock 3 Adventure Missions, 3 Hunt Missions, and 10 War Missions.

This is all you need to know about Sanctuary and I am ready to explain to you everything you should know about:


Adventure button can be found on the bottom-right of the lobby screen. When you click on Adventure you will see the map of Orbis-Land with a total amount of 16 different regions.

Adventure ScreenEvery region has a main quest line which contains up to 10 missions and 1 or 2 side quest lines. Each mission has 3 groups of enemies with a Boss at the end, except for the crossroad missions where you can choose your path unless it is locked (for unlocking certain paths you need to fulfill mission requirements). Crossroad maps have several exits that lead you to side quests and Chaos Gates (places where you can obtain Breath of Orbis). When you start a mission you will see what enemies you will face, what rewards can be obtained and what is needed to achieve 3 stars (total number of stars per Region is counted for getting Region Awards). Also, you will have an option to choose Supporter from the list of Heroes owned by the other players. If you choose a supporter which belongs to the player from your friend list, you will be awarded 10 Friendship Points (currency which can be traded for Summons or certain goods), otherwise, you will get only 5 Friendship Points. Be sure to check what Heroes are needed for each mission because every star grants you 5 Skystones and only if you collect all of the stars from the region you will get final Region Reward. This means that you will need to have 1 usable Hero from each class and element if you want to earn maximum rewards. Aside from mission rewards, you will also be awarded in quest line for clearing each mission in your main quest. Those rewards are very useful and you will often receive materials you need the most. After collecting all stars in Solayu Swamp Region (chapter 4.S6) first Urgent Mission will be available. Urgent missions need to be done in a certain time period in order to get certain rewards (usually it is a goblin chest which contains at least Epic Gear). After clearing chapter 9.1 (Shell Forest) AP exchange (you can exchange AP points gained from missions for much-needed catalysts) becomes available. When you clear all main quest missions in all regions on Normal Difficulty you can do it again on World Difficulty. I must say that Normal Difficulty will not cause you any problems but the World Difficulty is totally a different story and it will test your strength in many ways. My suggestion is that you clear all the missions you can as soon as possible even that means that you will not have the energy for other segments of the game. This strategy is best for long term plans and it will usually show you what is your true strength and progress in the game.

This concludes basic information about Adventure button. In the next part of Epic Seven Beginners Guide, we will talk about Hero button and Battle button.

We hope that you enjoyed Epic Seven Beginners Guide and that you now fully understand all Epic Seven game segments. BlueMoonGame wishes you long and prosperous journey into a marvelous world known as Epic Seven.