Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven Tier List

Welcome to Epic Seven Tier List. On this Tier List, you will find all Epic Seven Heroes divided into 5 Tiers according to their overall value at all game segments. Tiers are Tier 1 – Legendary, Tier 2 – Heroic, Tier 3 – Average, Tier 4 – Below Average and Tier 5 – Underwhelming. Our goal is to help you decide where to invest Epic Seven resources and which characters should be prioritized. Below each tier, you will see the short description of characters and their main virtues. The position of a character in every Tier determines his value compared to other characters in that Tier meaning that best characters will be placed on the top of the tier and their value will gradually decrease with each position. Keep in mind that this Tier List measures the overall value of characters for both PVP and PVE.

Epic Seven Tier List – Legendary Tier

Epic 7 KenEpic 7 BellonaEpic 7 Martial Artist KenEpic 7 AngelicaEpic 7 Challenger DominielEpic 7 Silver Blade AraminthaEpic 7 Auxiliary LotsEpic 7 DieneEpic 7 DizzyEpic 7 LunaEpic Ruele of LightEpic 7 Specter TenebriaEpic 7 YufineEpic 7 IseriaEpic 7 Shadow RoseEpic 7 KiseEpic 7 Sol BadguyEpic 7 VioletEpic 7 Chaos Sect AxeEpic 7 CiddEpic 7 Crimson ArminEpic 7 KrauEpic 7 Vildred

  • After buffing, Ken became a top tier character. High Health, incredible single target damage, attack decrease and stun.
  • Bellona is one of the best AOE characters in the game with the basic attack that has health percent damage and ultimate which lowers the defense of all enemies.
  • Martial Artist Ken is probably the best character in the game due to his ability to counterattack almost any blow.
  • Angelica has the best healing skill-set in the game. Her healing depends on her max health so it is advisable to provide her health gear.
  • Challenger Dominiel excels in single target damage due to her critical strike mechanics.
  • Silver Blade Aramintha has a 100% mass stun which adds burn stacks to the enemy. Although she is an ideal PVP choice she can be used with great success in PVE also.
  • Auxiliary Lots is a powerful mage who grants extra turn and increased attack to her allies. Her ultimate can silence the enemies preventing them from using main abilities.
  • Diene can protect her allies with anti-critical buff, cleansing, and barrier which lasts 3 turns. Her ability to sustain the barrier almost all the time makes her one of the best supporters in the game.
  • Dizzy harasses her enemies with nasty debuffs – stun, speed and attack decrease, hit chance decrease and debuff extension. Her debuffs are applicable even on targets with evasion.
  • Luna is a strong single target damage dealer who can lower enemy defense and whose attacks are always with elemental advantage.
  • Ruele of Light is a Soul Weaver who can revive her allies with full health and invincibility. She can also heal all allies with the soul improved basic ability.
  • Specter Tenebria is upgraded recently and she became one of the best characters in Epic Seven. She cannot be targeted with single attack abilities and her attack increases with every death (both ally and enemy).
  • Yufine is a mighty AOE damage dealer whose damage depends on the number of enemy buffs. She can stun, silence and remove buffs.
  • Iseria is a versatile character who is able to increase the damage of the entire team by improving their special skills and granting cooldown reset. Above all that she can lower defense to the single targets and clear their buffs.
  • Shadow Rose is a knight who is a jack of all trades and who can improve the speed of the entire team. She lowers the enemy defense and makes targets unhealable.
  • Kise is the Hero who inflicts bonus damage against targets with barriers and who can penetrate enemy defense if he is in stealth.
  • Sol Badguy is the character who is a nightmare to high-health opponents. His attacks inflict health percentage damage and he can strip enemy buffs.
  • Violet is a thief who can counter attacks after evading. He has a lot of health but he doesn’t possess AOE attacks.
  • Chaos Sect Axe is an excellent addition to any team. He can lower defense, lower attack and inflict bleed. When he kills a target with his second skill he is granted another turn.
  • Cidd is the character whose ultimate may one-shot any target while he is under the effect of the Speed-Up.
  • Crimson Armin is a character who protects her team with invincibility and debuff immunity. Her passive ability reduces the damage of critical strikes to all her allies.
  • Krau is a mighty tank who can protect his allies with defensive buffs and who can provoke enemies into attacking him. His damage depends on his health and he strikes harder as his health lowers.
  • Vildred is the best character if you want to move fast through PVE content. Every time he kills a target a free AOE strike is unleashed on enemies.

 Epic Seven Tier List – Heroic Tier

Epic Arbiter VildredEpic 7 Assassin CartujaEpic 7 BasarEpic 7 CharlesEpic 7 TywinEpic 7 Assassin ColiEpic 7 Baal&SezanchloeEpic 7 LidicaEpic 7 RaviEpic 7 SchuriEpic 7 AraminthaEpic 7 CeciliaEpic 7 CharlotteEpic 7 HasteEpic 7 Maid ChloeEpic 7 RequiemroarEpic 7 Sage Baal & SezanEpic 7 AchatesEpic 7 Blaze DingoEpic 7 Commander LorinaEpic 7 Crescent Moon RinEpic 7 Judge KiseEpic 7 KayronEpic 7 SezEpic 7 Assassin CiddEpic 7 Shooting Star AchatesEpic 7 Tenebria

  • Arbiter Vildred can revive himself and he deals more damage as an enemy loses health.
  • Assassin Cartuja is a thief with a 15% evasion rate who can stun and lower defense.
  • Basar is a Hero who can remove all enemy buffs while applying anti-buff debuff at the same time.
  • Charles is a Hero who can reduce enemy damage, clear their buffs and provide his team with a counterattack.
  • Tywin is Hero who can lower enemy defenses and buff highest attack ally with attack and critical chance.
  • Assassin Coli is a character who relies on Speed and stun. When she kills a target she silences nearby enemies.
  • Baal and Sezan can debuff his opponents with unhealable, defense decrease and speed decrease. He inflicts bonus damage against targets with debuffs.
  • Chloe is a single target damage dealer with a unique skill to inflict percentage damage depending on the enemy’s lost health.
  • Lidica is a very fast Hero who can delay enemy turns and lower their hit chance.
  • Ravi is a semi-tank who can steal health with each strike and who gains combat readiness whenever she is under attack.
  • Schuri can improve the combat readiness of the whole team with every successful critical strike.
  • Aramintha is a fire debuffer who relies on burning damage over time.
  • Cecilia is a tank that can lower defense, lower attack and provoke.
  • Charlotte is a damage-dealing knight who has a chance to stun and who relies on focus to inflict bonus damage.
  • Haste is the character with a powerful attack who has the ability to apply a vampiric debuff on his enemies.
  • Maid Chloe is a Soul Weaver who can increase the attack of her teammates and buff them with Revive.
  • Requiemroar is a character who enables her allies to absorb the damage they inflict and who can lower enemy defense.
  • Sage Baal and Sezan can put to Sleep an entire enemy team and he can clear their debuffs. He also has a deadly third skill which can one-shot almost any target.
  • Achates provide her allies with heal, invincibility, and barrier. She can also cleanse debuffs.
  • Blaze Dingo is a healer who also increases the damage output of the whole team.
  • Commander Lorina is a single target damage dealer who can reduce enemy combat readiness.
  • Crescent Moon Rin can steal enemy buffs and apply additional random buffs on allies.
  • Judge Kiss is a character who can increase the cooldown duration of all enemies.
  • Kayron is a damage dealer with low health and strong attacks who is granted immortality buff when his health drops to zero.
  • Sez is a character whose passive ability triggers free AOE attacks. His ultimate also deals additional AOE damage upon killing an enemy.
  • Assassin Cidd is a very fast character who can spread Poison debuff upon killing an enemy. He can also silence his enemies.
  • Shooting Star Achates is a healer who can revive her allies and who can heal them even they are under the effect of the unhealable debuff.
  • Tenebria is a Mage who can lower defense and reduce combat readiness to the entire enemy team.

Epic Seven Tier List – Average Tier

Epic 7 CermiaEpic 7 ClarissaEpic 7 DestinaEpic 7 General PurrgisEpic 7 TamarinneEpic 7 BaikenEpic 7 Celestial MercedesEpic 7 Falconer KluriEpic 7 Kitty ClarissaEpic 7 RoseEpic 7 SilkEpic 7 Mascot HazelEpic 7 RinEpic 7 SigretEpic 7 Guider AitherEpic 7 KarinEpic 7 LudwigEpic 7 Blood Blade KarinEpic 7 Specimen SezEpic 7 YunaEpic 7 Dark CorvusEpic 7 LotsEpic 7 Wanderer SilkEpic 7 DorisEpic 7 Fighter MayaEpic 7 JechtEpic 7 Righteous Thief RoozidEpic 7 SurinEpic 7 SerilaEpic 7 CarmaineroseEpic 7 CelesteEpic 7 ColiEpic 7 LeoEpic 7 RomannEpic 7 Watcher SchuriEpic 7 GloomyrainEpic 7 Zerato

Epic Seven Tier List – Below Average Tier

Epic 7 HazelEpic 7 ArminEpic 7 Captain RikorisEpic 7 Church of Ilyros AxeEpic 7 DingoEpic 7 DominielEpic 7 HuradoEpic 7 LorinaEpic 7 MistychainEpic 7 WandaEpic 7 Taranor GuardEpic 7 CrozetEpic 7 ZenoEpic 7 Kikirat V2Epic 7 AitherEpic 7 BaskEpic 7 MayaEpic 7 SvenEpic 7 AlexaEpic 7 MucachaEpic 7 RasEpic 7 PyllisEpic 7 ArowellEpic 7 RikorisEpic 7 PurrgisEpic 7 HelgaEpic 7 NemunasEpic 7 OtillieEpic 7 MontmorancyEpic 7 Roozid

Epic Seven Tier List – Underwhelming Tier

Epic 7 CartujaEpic 7 MercedesEpic 7 AdlayEpic 7 ElsonEpic 7 TieriaEpic 7 CarrotEpic 7 JudithEpic 7 KirisEpic 7 EnottEpic 7 MirsaEpic 7 AzaleaEpic 7 Butcher Corps InquisitorEpic 7 GuntherEpic 7 CorvusEpic 7 KluriEpic 7 PearlhorizonEpic 7 RimaEpic 7 Taranor Royal GuardEpic 7 Jena

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