Era of Celestials

Warrior, Archer, or a Mage…these seem to be the elemental choices in a good action RPG. Era of Celestials is a new game by GTarcade, who apparently decided to take all of their collected experience from their previous titles, like Legacy of Discord, and up their game significantly. At first glance, this game does look much like its predecessor from the same developer, sort to say, but a closer look definitely shows GTarcade worked on a few improvements for the game, as well as the entire genre.

What made Diablo famous, everyone followed up successfully. Well, almost… Sufficed to say that simply making a game in the same genre and with a similar vibe is not enough, and making a hack & slash action RPG always needs something more to make it rise above similar titles. With that said, these types of games made the transition to mobile quite successfully, and among the first titles was Legacy of Discord, by GTarcade of course.

It was a great game for its time, and it was insanely popular for quite some time, but lately, the fan base hsa become exhausted and the developers needed to either offer something more or something new if they are to stay in the race. They’ve been busy in the past few years, publishing title after title. Some more successful, some less, but now they seem to be gunning for the same player target group as before. They want action RPG fans back, and they are offering Era of Celestials to us.


Firstly, this game naturally looks like LoD and similar titles, but that’s just the nature of the genre, and people are generally okay with that. You don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? But, what they did work on is improving their models and the overall looks. Lately, there have been many new titles, some even from incognito firms, all of them with impressive titles. Even some indie developers have succeeded in reaching the 3D environment standards. This entire game style has been raised to a new level, and the fans are enjoying it, naturally.

In Era of Celestials, we are greeted with stunning visuals, splendid special animation effects, and a classy smooth feeling added to all that. The game has a smart blow feedback and realistic sounds, which furthers the ultimately pleasant experience.

On top of that, this game features something called the Elysian Transformation system, which falls into the special animation effects category, and makes the game look even more spectacular.


As mentioned, one of this game’s main features is the Elysian Transformation system, which is an ability of all player controlled heroes to transform into incredibly strong and invincible Elysians. Something like ‘Archon form’ the wizard has in Diablo 3, only it is so much more here. The transformation enables players to enjoy their ‘happy time’, as they mow down all enemies in sight. But, the best thing about it is that there are different Elysians with different capabilities.

The story tells us of an ancient Arch-demon who threatened the entire world and the Angels, who fought to defeat him. They led the world’s most powerful warriors in this fight against darkness, but they couldn’t kill the Arch-demon. Instead, he was only imprisoned and now he is free again. The world’s mightiest warriors must rise up to fight him and summon the Angels of ancient times and powers to aid them in their quest. This is how the symbiosis between you and the angels came to be, that is. So, as you progress, you can unlock different angels with different powers, and summon them at your time of need.

The control system is very much like in similar games, with the addition of the Elysian Transformation button. Besides that, you have the standard four skills you can quick cast/use, plus a few more additions.

Mobile device play is thus quite simple, with your movement controls being for the left thumb and your skill buttons for the right thumb.

Your character progression is still through standard leveling and obtaining better gear. GTarcade kept its BR system of comparison, from Legacy of Discord, which is a kind of a homage to it.

You can choose between 3 classes: Warrior, Archer, and Mage, but you can harness the power of Elysian Angels regardless of your chosen class.

Warriors are pretty standard melee fighters, who wield giant weapons enchanted with various properties. They are the vanguards on the battlefield, as the game itself calls them, and they have very high melee damage as well as physical endurance.

The archer class represents defenders of the natural order in the world of Celestials. They are naturally armed with deadly bows, enchanted arrows, and abuse their long-distance sharpshooting skills as much as they can to destroy their enemies from afar.

Mages are masters of elemental energies, and although they are also fighting the enemy from a distance like the archer class, their combat approach is a bit different. In this game, the caster class is armed with devastating damaging spells, but also with strong crowd control effects and staves.

Cool Features

One of the new and interesting features is the ‘equip’ button which appears on an item icon, once you’ve obtained it. Once a new item reaches your bags the game will automatically offer you to equip it, saving you the trouble of roaming your inventory searching for it, and allowing you to equip it on the go.

A gamer who played these action RPG games on mobile devices before knows how convenient this feature can be.

Your character’s appearance heavily depends on the gear he or she wears, and every bit of gear you equip will show nicely on your character’s model. You start off wearing plain clothes, basic armor, and weapons, but pretty soon your character will start looking like the champion he is. Naturally, once you turn in to an Elysian, you will fully morph into the angel you have chosen for the period of time the transformation lasts.

The visuals and the exciting thrill of devastation you unleash as an Elysian is incredible to watch, and even better to execute.

One of the Elysians you transform into is the Angel of the Sun, who’s weapon and attacks are enchanted with the power of the Sun. His attacks cleave down hordes of enemies, knock them back, and he can even send out shockwaves of burning energy out from his blade.

As with most games in similar genres, there are top up and other purchasable boosts available for real cash. How much is it necessary to spend real money on this game is currently unclear, as it appears you can reach everything on your own without spending a dime, but players might be inclined to purchase boosts, especially those with competitive intentions.

Health and Mana potions are intended to be used as in Diablo. In other words, they are essential for your progress and combat survivability.


Era of Celestials is a game intended to keep GTarcade on the action RPG map, as well as to bring back their fans and players of Legacy of Discord. But, as you will undoubtedly see for yourself if you try it, EoC is not just LoD in 3D, it is so much more, and it is a rewarding experience on a whole new level.

Era of Celestials



Era of Celestials is a game intended to keep GTarcade on the action RPG map, as well as to bring back their fans and players of Legacy of Discord. But, as you will undoubtedly see for yourself if you try it, EoC is not just LoD in 3D, it is so much more, and it is a rewarding experience on a whole new level.

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