era of legends

Era of Legends is open for pre-registration in the West

Era of Legends is the Chinese MMORPG made by Tencent which had an exceptionally good launch in China this past August. This game is a typical representative of its genre, with all the features and elements you would expect from it. There are 8 character classes to play as, immersive and huge open world to explore, a slew of PvP and PvE modes and some story-driven quest lines.

One feature this game is hoping to set itself apart from the competition is a huge roster of ” magic beasts” which you can find and use to boost your stats in the offense, defense, or support. You can combine different beasts with your own characters’ attributes in order to create thousands of combinations and strategic options.

In case you fancy this kind of games, you will be glad to hear that Era of Legends is coming to the West, and that pre-registration is already open on the official site, which offers some exclusive rewards when the game comes out. The Android users can also pre-register on the Google Play Store, and it seems that they will be rewarded with an exclusive magic beast if they do so.

era of legends

Concerning the release date for Era of Legends, it doesn’t get more specific than March. We are quite curious to see how the developers will implement the MMORPG experience for mobile devices. These kinds of games are widely popular everywhere except in the West, where they meet a pretty mixed reception. All in all, let’s wait for the next month to see how much this game is actually good.