Eternal Switch

Eternal is now available on Nintendo Switch

Eternal card game was just unveiled by Dire Wolf Digital and it is one of the first fully-featured games of its genre for Nintendo Switch. The game enjoys positive feedback from the community, overall praises for its true free-to-play rule, cross-platform play, and the fact that you can share your collection across all available platforms. This includes Android, iOS, Xbox One, PC, and the latest addition of Nintendo Switch. Besides that, the title features neat game design, plenty of innovative features for card games, and constantly updated content.

Eternal Cards

Just a few days ago, Eternal: The Flame of Xulta expansion arrived, together with this Nintendo Switch port. The game now possesses a deep card pool that allows for intricate gameplay styles and options, while the gameplay itself is kept fast-paced, snappy, but also strategically demanding. Tactics is still a top priority, while Eternal Nintendo Switch can now be played on the go, rewarding quick thinking and gaming skill.

Eternal card poll is currently at over 200, and, contrary to what is traditional for card games in general, this title enables the player to create their own card factions. Already existing factions and deck builds are featured as well of course, but as a truly free-to-play game, the options are as wide as they can be here. This allows for a wider tactical possibility range, deeper card knowledge for players to master, and again it comes out in a snappy and fast-paced fun gameplay. Furthermore, the players also have a chance to participate in the Eternal World Championship esports competition.

Eternal Packs

The developer of this title is Dire Wolf Digital, which is an indie game studio. The passion and enthusiasm are well noted in this title, as the studio actually specializes in producing digital and physical strategy card games, including board games as well. They are based in Denver, Colorado, and while Eternal is their crown jewel currently, the studio also enjoys huge critical acclaim for Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure, Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, and another recent release Raiders of the North Sea.

The president of Dire Wolf Digital, Mr. Scott Martins, issued this message as a follow up for the Nintendo Switch release: “Today is a really exciting day for Eternal, and we’re thrilled to be expanding our cross-platform support to include Nintendo Switch. With a new set, new options in how and when to play, and the return of our World Championship eSports competition, there’s a lot happening — and a lot more to come.”