European war 6: 1804 is the 6th installment in the European War series, the franchise has had its ups and downs, with the last game going in a different direction this seems more like the true sequel to European war 4.

If you don’t know what the European War is about, it’s a series of turn-based strategy games, with the likes of Total war and Civilization franchises. Your objective in the game being conquering the enemy territory and destroying their troops. To succeed you have to use tactics to your advantage, strategically choosing how to spend resources. Whether you want to create more troops, upgrade your cities or add new buildings will be determined by your situation.

In the game, you have a couple of different modes: Campaign, Conquest, Challenge, and Multiplayer.

In the campaign, you fight historical battles. There are different chapters, each with battles in different places, including America, Canada, France and many others. There is a great deal of content to keep you occupied there, and it is the main feature of the game.

When you start a conquest you get a choice of which timeline you wish to play in: 1798, 1806 or 1812. Each one leading to different map positions and country locations. After choosing which country you want to play as, the game starts, and so does your reign, who will you ally with and who will you conquer is fully in your control.

Challenge is what you’d expect, you are given a certain amount of units and a certain task, after completing it you get a reward, it is one of my favorite aspects and a good break from the main game.

Multiplayer works fine, however, the mobile devices have to be connected through Bluetooth, meaning that you can only play against people who are in very close proximity. This is extremely disappointing, striving to be better than the competition is one of the primary reasons people play turn-based strategy games, and you can’t really do that if you only have a few people to play with.

The maps are what you would expect, they are shaped like a game board, but what’s annoying is that they are cut off by black background when you try going off of them. It might seem like nitpicking, but it does take you out of the experience. They could have at least made the background colored and not completely black.

One of my main criticisms of European war 6: 1804 is that you are forced to either grind or buy the in-game currency, when you get into some of the harder missions it’s difficult to beat the enemy without generals and other upgrades that you will rarely have enough in-game currency to buy.

Considering the game already costs money to purchase, the fact that you need to spend even more to fully enjoy the game isn’t a positive. I don’t know about you but spending up to $10 on one general doesn’t seem like a great purchase.

If you are a fan of the European War series you will without a doubt like this one as well, if you are just interested in a turn-based strategy game this is not a bad choice at all, sure, you might need to pull out a couple of bucks to get the most out of the game, but there aren’t many other games that are on the same level.

You can get European War 6: 1804 on Android or iOS.