EVE Echoes Open Beta Announced

EVE Echoes open beta arrives this December

It’s been a bit over a year ever since it was announced that EVE Online franchise will arrive on Mobile devices. All we knew at the time is that the game will be called EVE Echoes, and that it aims to preserve all the aspects of the original game that made it so appealing to millions of players. Now, over a year later, NetEase and CCP Games announced that the open beta for EVE Echoes will hit iOS and Android this December.


Following the announcement, Hilmar V. Petursson, CEO of CCP Games stated: “We’re very excited for the first public outing of EVE Echoes, the next revolutionary step in mobile MMO gaming. I can’t wait to see the reaction from our core PC players, who will no doubt recognize the unparalleled scale and sophisticated gameplay of EVE Online’s virtual world running through the veins of EVE Echoes.”

According to Mr. Ethan Wang, Vice President of NetEase, Inc. EVE Echoes will utilize NetEase Games’ NeoX graphics engine, which will allow it to bring all the vastness and beauty of the original game to the palm of your hand. Thanks to this, players will be able to enjoy the authentic EVE experience on their mobile devices. 

EVE Echoes Open Beta Announced

More information about EVE Echoes will be available during this year’s EVE Vegas, the largest worldwide EVE gathering. This EVEnt will take place on October 25 – 27 in Las Vegas, and during it, fans will be able to learn more about EVE Echoes directly from the developers of the game.

So far, we know that the developers aim to preserve all of the core aspects of the game, and implement them in EVE Echoes. Since the game is releasing for mobile, there are bound to be some differences and some compromises will likely have to be made, but making such a large scale MMO for mobile devices is not an easy task, so we’ll soon find out EVE Echoes will meet the expectations or not.