EVE Echoes Tips and Tricks

EVE Echoes Tips and Tricks

EVE Echoes release date is set for spring 2020, but the game is now in open Beta and according to the feedback, it does the trick. Everything is fine and orderly in this New Eden, parallel to the one in EVE Online, of course. The game doesn’t support cross-play, which is perhaps too bad for some old school players. But, it also brings a lot of new possibilities and especially allows new players to come into the fold. This is a chance to begin things anew, make a whole new adventure, start fresh, and if you have the enthusiasm and the will, all you need to do is play it smart and you’ll be having the time of your life.

EVE Online is a game enjoyed by multitudes since 2003 and it has never stopped being online since achieving unimaginable heights through these sixteen years. It has well over 500k active subscribers at all times a cult following and a lively community, with many of the important aspects of the game being directly influenced by players and coalitions. Things are expected to go about the same way here, so the community aspect is actually the top important part of the entire experience, and thus we would like to point out some facts about correct online social behavior as our first tip and advice.

EVE Echoes

Be polite in social interactions

Being polite is something you are thought while growing up and being polite towards others is also aimed towards yourself. Showing you have the self-respect and the dignity to manage your behavior will always instill respect in others towards you, and this goes for these kinds of MMO social environments. Talking to somebody in a polite manner, asking them first before inviting them into a group, and not doing anything harmful towards other players will get noticed, will improve your social and in-game status, and in a game like EVE Echoes, it matters.

Being in a strong alliance is what raises the experience of the game to a whole different level and it opens up possibilities unlike any other. But, no strong alliance will even want socially intrusive people in their midst, people who might pollute the experience for everybody or might give the Alliance a bad name. So, understanding the rules of behavior and always keeping in mind that you are playing with other alive and real people is what will, in the end, help you have a better experience.

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Beginners Tutorials

EVE Echoes might be a mobile version of its PC predecessor, but the game is in no way less intricate. And, it comes with its own set of mechanics, new features, and other stuff all familiar or unfamiliar to former players of EVE Online. Thus, it is best for new or old school players alike, to follow all of the beginner tutorials in-game. You will learn very much about the game’s mechanics, but for observant ones, this is a chance to get to know much more about the game.

It is a well-known fact that NetEase, who brought the game to mobiles, and CCP Games, the original creators, both have their ear close to the ground and are listening to player and community feedback. Thus the tutorials are tailored with great care towards improving the players’ skill in-game and also the game will offer you a survey at the end of these tasks, so your opinion counts. Completing the tutorials will give you a head start and enable you to choose your further path of development in the game more wisely. Whether you may or may not know, EVE Echoes, like EVE Online, is a game of vast possibilities and, unfortunately, a single player cannot possibly try them all and you have to choose your own path, so it is important to make an informative decision.

EVE Echoes Tutorial


Getting a better ship is the name of the game, as logic dictates, but also getting the right type of the ship for you is perhaps even more important. Each ship type in the game has a different specialization, respective to their type, and you can buy them in the Market.

It is a good advice to first get familiar with as many of the different types as you can, and their intricacies, before opting to buy one. There are six types in total and each focuses on a different aspect, for the most part. The widest general ship types are divided into six categories, and these are:

Frigate – smaller ships with focus on dealing damage, but also on many other functions aimed on out-of-combat activities. They are not meant to be the first ones to rush into battle as they are fragile, have a smaller cargo hold capacity, and are smaller compared to some other types.

Destroyer – larger than frigates, destroyers are also good damage dealers and are pretty fast. However, they also have a higher endurance level for fights, compared to frigates, but their drawback is that they are weak against Battleships and Cruisers, where Frigates shine. In a broad sense, they are better for PVE than Frigates, but not for PVP.

Cruiser – they also have high damage output, are larger than Frigates and can fit a greater number of modules. They also have high mobility and are good in all-around situations, but do not excel in one particular. Sort of a: jack of all trades, if you will.

Battlecruiser – they are in between Battleships and Cruisers, in terms of combat balance. They deal more damage and take less damage than Cruisers, but have lower mobility because of the size and the weight of their armor.

Battleship – slower than most, Battleships focus on combat for the most part, as suggested by their name. However, what they lack in other aspects they make up with high durability, high firepower, and combat prowess overall. They can take high amounts of damage, deal high damage also, and are quite the fearful presence in a space battle.

Industrial Ship – contrary to Battleships, industrial ships are focused on out-of-combat activities and are quite weak in combat. They are slow, don’t really have damage, and not so much armor, but they are large and can fit huge amounts of cargo, which is where the trade-off comes in.

For a newcomer to the world of EVE, it is perhaps the best advice to go for a versatile ship, like a Battlecruiser or a Cruiser. Battlecruisers are a lot more expensive and you might need to really shine with your economy skills to get it in a reasonable amount of time, but it is well worth the cost. However, ships that specialize in only certain aspects are meant for advanced stages of the game, when you have a well-developer infrastructure to cover for their weaknesses.

EVE Echoes Battlecruisers

Ship stats and equipment

Tapping and holding a ship’s name will give you the info you need and it is highly recommended that you dedicate as much time as you can to learn about the ships you are interested in or own. Also, ships can be upgraded with several item types. Different types of ships can fit a different amount of these upgrade items and it is crucial that you pick the correct type of weapons to get the ship’s bonuses boost and everything aligned. For example, some ships boost charge speed and missile launcher damage, so equipping a missile launcher is the way to go for most situations.

EVE Echoes Ship Stats


Upon leveling up, new choices will open up for you and you can go between Clone skills and Ship skills. It is recommended to try and make a healthy union between the two, for focusing only on one aspect will make you eligible for that respective aspect of the game, and you should cover both if you are to survive and prosper in this relentless universe. Also, you should check the Ship’s category by tapping the icon on the upper right XP bar’s side, which will give you the category details. You can then check your unlocked perks and decide which way to go.

Skill points are rewarded by leveling up, and continuous, steady progress in the game is the way to go. Some skills may require more than one point, making them a lot more costly but that much more alluring. It is for this reason that you should focus your initial points on the skills you need currently, and leave those harder to reach for later.

EVE Echoes Skills