Saturday, February 23

Event Campaign Updates 1/8/2018 8:36 PM


Greetings Commander,

We have some exciting news to share with you. During this year’s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, we teased the arrival of Kamala Khan, A.K.A. Ms. Marvel. Well, we’re happy to announce that not only will Ms. Marvel make her way to MARVEL Strike Force, but we will also introduce Scarlet Witch via an Event Campaign on August 1st!

A few weeks ago, with the arrival of Ant-Man and Wasp, we released a new feature we called “Character Event Campaigns.” These Event Campaigns were intended to grant players of all levels a new way to progress towards unlocking new characters while also allowing us to craft new stories and narratives that all players could enjoy. There have been three Event Campaigns released so far (Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon, and Wasp), and they have continued to evolve with each subsequent release. We’ve taken the feedback we’ve heard from the previous events and have made some changes for the upcoming Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel Event Campaigns.

Here are some changes you can expect to the overall structure of this mode:

Character Unlock Progression

A lot of the feedback we heard during our first Event Campaigns revolved around the uncertainty of unlocking that character while playing through the campaign. We’ve created this campaign with that feedback in mind.

As a first response in the Wasp Event Campaign, we doubled the drop chance and halved the drop amount in order to create a smoother, more predictable path to unlocking the character. We’ve made additional changes for the Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel campaigns with this feedback in mind.

The Easy and Medium campaigns are designed with the intent to allow a highly engaged free-to-play player to finish the event with the very high likelihood of receiving a 2-star character and a chance to reach 3 stars. For players who choose to progress through Medium and Hard nodes, our goal is for that path to lead you toward a 3-star character, with a chance of getting to 4 stars. The rewards for clearing Hard mode and emptying the “bonus nodes” will have a very high likelihood of a 7-star unlock.

We anticipate new players will focus on the Easy mode, most players will want to target the Medium mode, and our most seasoned veterans will go for the challenge of the Hard mode.

Introducing Traits

To create a deeper and more meaningful challenge across difficulty tiers, we’re introducing Trait-based missions. For the Scarlet Witch Event Campaign, this will require players to use Mystic characters while the Ms. Marvel Event Campaign will require characters with the City trait. The trait requirements begin at Medium difficulty, and in that tier, only three characters will be required for each fight. However, Hard mode will require a well-geared team of 5 characters with the City trait. These missions won’t be easy, so we’ve improved the rewards they drop by offering first-time completion rewards that fountain direct character shards. We hope this setup will encourage players to experiment with new teams and develop exciting strategies to clear the missions.

We want to design missions that feel challenging while giving a feeling of accomplishment upon completion. We hope that these challenging missions will direct players towards using strategy and planning, as opposed to brute force based on high Team Power, and offer great rewards along the way.

Revised Energy Refill Costs

We have added one more Energy Refill per cost increment. Each day you will be able to refill Campaign Energy one additional time at a lower cost before the cost increases to the next increment. For example, you can now refill Campaign Energy at 50 Power Cores four times a day instead of three.

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made, and we look forward to your feedback!

taken from Marvel Strike Force official site