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Everything You Need to Know About Internet Routers

A wireless router is a device that sends data from the internet cable to different devices including smartphones, laptops, smart LED TVs, etc. The wireless access point allows the router to share data via radio signals without any cable or wire.

There are two types of routers:

  • Wired Internet Routers
  • Wireless Internet Routers

The wired routers are outdated and not as common as they used to be. However, some offices still use wired networks because they have to go online via Ethernet. The downside to wired routers is that it limits you to a particular area and you might not be able to use the internet on more than one device.

Depending on your internet service provider, you most likely will receive a wireless router because of its feasibility and benefits. For instance, Spectrum internet plans come with a free wireless router, which is included in the package to facilitate the customers in the best possible way.

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How does a Wi-Fi connection work?

For a Wi-Fi network to work, you will need to plug your cable internet line into the router and then the data will be sent through the router once it is active. The router will deploy data that will be converted into radio signals that help devices connect to the internet. You can easily connect multiple devices to the internet with the help of a wireless router.

How to connect your devices to the internet?

To connect your device to the internet, you need to enter the password of the router on your device. The password is usually written on the back of the router and you can always change the password according to your preference.

What functions can a Wi-Fi router perform?

Apart from establishing an internet connection for your devices, a Wi-Fi router can prove to be a very important gadget because you can use it to make calls to your loved ones over the internet, which can help you save on a phone bill. Moreover, you can also use your router as an access point for your digital TV when using products like Apple TV or any Smart TV.

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Which wireless router is the best?

Every internet service provider issues a router to its users so that they can enjoy an uninterrupted internet service. Broadband service providers use the same router with different conditions. However, if you sign up for a premium package, like fiber optic internet service, you are most likely to receive a better wireless router with advanced features that are capable of delivering better speed and improved quality.

Some of the routers available in the market are as follows:

BT Smart Hub

This device is available for the people who sign up for the BT Infinity package and the reason that this router stands out from the crowd is its ability to cover a large area with its powerful Wi-Fi network. BT Smart Hub has seven antennae, which enhances its speed and range limit and is the most advanced router available in the market.

Moreover, this router offers a next-generation AC wireless network, which means that you can connect multiple devices to the internet without compromising on the speed aspect as this router is capable of delivering ultra-fast internet speeds. BT Smart Hub is loaded with technology and it has a built-in smart scan tech that provides you with a solid connection so that you can carry out your tasks uninterruptedly. The smart scan tech protects your device and it restarts automatically if there is a problem.

To enhance the security of the gadget, firewall and parental controls are added to the device which means that you will be able to connect to the internet without the fear of getting attacked by viruses or hackers. Lastly, the gadget comes with a USB port so that you can connect your printer if it is not wireless.

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Virgin Super Hub 3

Virgin is an entertainment giant that offers Super Hub 3 to its customers to deliver a unique customer experience. The Super Hub comes with every broadband package offered by Virgin and the router has 5 antennae and it also has the same AC Wi-Fi that works just fine with the devices and is well-known for delivering high-speed internet. Routers like Virgin and BT are very strong devices that are capable of connecting d devices to the internet without compromising on the speed of the routers. 

Just like BT, this router is very useful because it has four Ethernet ports for connecting devices to the internet without the use of wires, however, this router does not have any USB ports, which can be a setback for some individuals. Although the router is made by Netgear, Virgin provides the branding, support, and services.

Sky Q Hub

Sky Q Hub is one of the most powerful routers as it offers good quality service with high-speed internet. Sky Q Hub is in direct competition with BT and Virgin as it offers premium services to its customers.

Due to its high-speed internet, with Sky Hub, you will never have to wait for a movie or a show to buffer and you will be able to watch your favorite shows in HD.

This router comes with the latest Wi-Fi as well, which allows you to connect your devices to the internet to enjoy the benefits of staying online. In addition to this, the Sky Hub is extraordinarily powerful as it can easily handle 64 connected devices at one time, which is quite amazing. However, one setback of this router is that it has only two ports for Ethernet and is not ideal for connecting different computers through cable.

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Talk-Talk Super Router

This router offers many features just like Virgin, BT, and Sky Hub. This router is capable of switching signals so that you receive the best data coverage and reliability. Talk-Talk can offer internet speeds up to 38 Mbps, which is not that bad at all.

Moreover, this router comes with a handy USB port that can be used for connecting other internet-enabled devices to increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to this, four ports for Ethernet connectivity are offered to facilitate customer needs and work-related requirements.

That is pretty much everything that you need to know about internet routers. Stay tuned on Local Cable Deals to learn more about internet related equipment.