Facebook jumps onto the streaming wagon

Facebook jumps onto the streaming wagon

For some time, Facebook has been trying to attract the gaming community, so it could better compete against the major players in the markets, which is still constantly growing.

In June this year, Facebook has created a new gaming hub, called simply Fb.gg which is now available as a mobile application too, although just for the few people. Facebook’s dedicated video game portal, appropriately shortened to fb.gg was planned to challenge the major gaming streaming services like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube Gaming. This new portal highlights live and pre-recorded footage based on the video game news, competitions and game-related events.



After a relatively successful start for the desktop devices, Fb.gg has launched on the Android, for a beta test. It represents the version of the portal which is optimized for the mobile devices. Like its big brother, mobile fb.gg offers you quick access to your favorite streams and content from the people you follow. You can even play instant games while you’re waiting.

You can see from the screenshots that fb.gg app has navigation buttons at the top so you can find streamers to watch or view the streamers you are already following. You can also participate in live conversations during gameplay with other viewers, and you can even react to the streams using Facebook’s standard set of emoticons. Just go easy with the angry one.

Facebook Streaming Service

In the effort the directly challenge Twitch, Facebook created its own version of the partner program, which allows viewers to tip their favorite gamers. There is even a virtual currency involved in those tips, which is being referred to as Facebook Stars. One Facebook star currently equals $0.01. Facebook said that 5- 30 percent of fans purchase of the stars goes to them, depending on what size pack all the stars were bought.

But there is more. Facebook also began testing a monthly subscription option, similar to YouTube and Twitch. Of course, in order to compete with those two giants, Facebook would need to go mobile as well, especially considering that new Messenger redesign hides some interesting features, like mobile gaming.

Stream With Facebook

With all said, don’t hold your breath for the wider release. Currently, the application is only available in the Philippines, with a limited set of features. The eventual wider release depends purely on the feedback, said Facebook. It’s pretty clear what are Facebook’s intentions with this new streaming service. Fb.gg he’s going to impose itself as a rival to the currently leading streaming services like Twitch, or Mixer or YouTube Gaming. Actually, the last one is currently backing away from its dedicated gaming app, and Facebook uses that chance to jump in, hoping to succeed where YouTube didn’t.

The Android version of Fb.gg beta app launched on October 9th, and, as Google Play reports, it already has over 10.000 installs. Considering the power and influence Facebook has, it is quite possible they will achieve their goal. In the light of recent controversies following Facebook which resulted in huge losses on the market, there is a dire need of some successful business move by that company.