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Fallout 76 Beta – Should you buy the Game?

Ah, it’s a special feeling indeed when the next title from your favorite gaming franchise is soon to be officially released. Tingling, restlessness, nervousness, butterflies in your tummy – have you’ve fallen in love again? Well, not exactly. Although similar, these symptoms simply indicate how sweetly anxious and expectant you are before you’ll finally set out on another post-apocalyptic adventure. If you’re playing the beta at the moment (or B.E.T.A – let’s call things by their proper name, shall we?), that means that you’ve already cashed out for new Fallout game and that you’ve by now passed the point of no return – this article isn’t for you. However, if you haven’t, then you’ve at least certainly heard all the horror stories about swarms of bugs and other glitches that are infesting the game, and you’re naturally wandering should you buy the damn thing or call the pest control instead. In other words, you’re caught in Hamlet’s existential dilemma like a deer in the headlights.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to it. As someone who knows a thing or two about bugs (as a longtime fan of Bethesda’s works, I’ve learned a great deal about them on the Bethesda bug master-class), I’ve developed bug taxonomy over the years. Basically, there are two kinds of bugs: those who won’t significantly influence the course of the questline – and can be inconsequential, irritating, sometimes even damn hilarious – and those who’ll completely impede the progress of your game, making it impossible to finish. Fallout 76 currently has both of them in copious amounts.

The very first of those bugs can be encountered even before you’ve started to play and it relates to a wrong countdown launch time. There is a host of bugs which are completely benign, albeit rather irritating, like enemies that continue standing after you killed them, or various problems with ragdoll physics. Still no biggie. There also must be at least several bugs from that second category, which will disable you to finish certain quests. However, Bethesda had surpassed themselves with launcher bug of epic proportions which caused 50GB of Beta to be deleted for some players after they’ve just downloaded it.    

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Of course, it can be argued that the game is still in the Beta phase and that all major glitches will be fixed until the date of its official release. Well, hate to be the bringer of the bad news, but it won’t. The official release is set for November 14th, and there’s no way that all bugs will be purged on the time. After all, guys from Bethesda had kind of admitted so themselves in their official announcement where they asked beta testers for help in the search and identification of all bugs. They clearly stated that they will have to deal with bugs even after the official release date.

So, should you give up on the game altogether? No, not at all! Almost all previous Bethesda’s games were buggy as post-nuclear hell, and some of them, like phenomenal and ambitious Daggerfall, were absolutely unplayable when they were launched. Thankfully, the phrase “broken beyond repair” never really applies in the world of video games. There isn’t a bug that can’t be fixed, it’s just a matter of time, effort and identification and Bethesda seem to be on a good way to realize it with the help of their loyal fans. The experience had taught us that Bethesda’s games are always gloriously action-packed, stacked with great content and totally worthy of your attention. And although some B.E.T.A players had complained about shallow quests and lack of real NPCs, that impression is perhaps prompted by necessary changes in the gameplay due to transition into multiplayer waters. Therefore, unless you have something against this new concept and decidedly won’t play this multiplayer version of Fallout as some gamers obviously won’t (there’s no accounting for taste, right?), you should definitely buy it. After all, I’ve yet to see Bethesda’s title that wasn’t at least awesome, and Fallout 76 promises to be much more than that.