Fallout: Miami announcement

Whatever you may personally feel about their interpretation of the Fallout franchise, Bethesda has always been blessed with a resourceful and talented modding community. Thanks to their inventive creations, the life expectancy of many titles from Bethesda’s workshop was successfully expanded – even to this day we’re still getting upgraded versions of Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and others. Well, after three years, Serbian visual artist Milan Brajkovic and his team of talented modders have grabbed their paint buckets, brushes, blowtorches, and power tools, and decided it’s high time that Fallout 4 gets a complete overhaul. Now, don’t get too excited – yet. It seems that there’s still much work to be done, so they haven’t even announced the official release date. Nevertheless, what we’ve seen so far, especially the extremely genuinely looking trailer which takes us back to the good old days of Fallout New Vegas, shows a ton of promise.

Most mods for various Bethesda games we had the opportunity to sample over the years, almost always display plenty of enthusiasm. However, as much as charming and endearing their attempts may be, they often lack refinement and polish of a proper game, and their screenplay is often on fan fiction level at best. Thankfully, it seems that won’t be the case with Fallout: Miami, and that we can expect an AAA quality level product, with excellent graphics, professional voice acting, interesting and well-designed settings, and a mature storyline that features that particular combination of gravity and wry humor that graced the very best Fallout games.

As you can deduce by its title, Fallout: Miami aims to swap dull, depressing, ashen sceneries we’ve seen so far in Fallout 4 with the hippest post-apocalyptic vacation spot you could wish for – Miami. Just take a look at the beaches full of ghouls equipped with colorful swim tubes, Hawaiian shirts and groovy umbrella hats, spectacular sunsets with that particular ginger shade of nuke-fried sky, lovely orange groves, and vibrant nightlife that promises all kinds of decadent adventures, and you’ll see what we mean. It seems that Milan and his team had decided to introduce many other iconic activities typical for Miami. For instance, judging by some of their concept art, the mod may include surfing in some form (there will even be an entire tribe of surfers), car races, and more.

Now, don’t think that Fallout: Miami will be all fun and games, because it will still have its share of dark and dismal overtones, just like any regular Fallout title. There will be vicious sandstorms and Gatorclaws, a particularly interesting local variant of more famous Deathclaws that look like they’ll be able to easily gut you like a rotten fish. Some sources even mention that the Enclave will play a significant part in the game.

For now, we know that there will be at least three major factions vying for power in the post-apocalyptic Miami: The Nuclear Patriots, The Dreamers, and The Cubanos, each with its own codes and agendas. The Patriots will be a ruthless gang, with a taste for death races and, paradoxically, distinct sense of justice. From Capone to Tony Montana, Miami always had its fair share of mobsters and gangsters, and The Cubanos are here to continue their legacy. The Dreamers are psychoactive substance abusing junkies capable of anything and everything. Finally, as for the protagonist, you’ll play as another vault dweller, but whether you’ll belong to the Vault 53 that was featured in the trailer, or some other, it remains to be seen.

All in all, Fallout: Miami promises to be a mod which will offer you not only great fun, but also an elaborate setting, engaging storyline, and many other things that will almost qualify it as a full-fledged stand-alone title. So, until that time when we’ll be able to put on our power armors and become the envy of swanky post-nuclear Miami beaches, the best thing we can do is to quietly sip our Nuka-Colas and replay some of the previous Fallout games.