Fight for one million $ prize in Winter Royale

Fight for one million $ prize in Winter Royale Fortnite

Fortnite is currently the most popular game in the world and the most convincing proof for that is the newest announcement for the Winter Royale Online Tournament in Fortnite with the prize pool of $1.000.000. Prior to this tournament announcement, there was a series of changes which Fortnite developer Epic Games made to the in-game tournament matchmaking system in order to change user experience for the better. The new and improved system will be used in next year tryouts for the Fortnite World Cup qualifications.

Fortnite Tournament
Later this month there will be a special test event with the idea to emulate the World Cup qualification process in order to prepare players for the next year. The event includes solo test Winter Royale Qualifiers and Winter Royale Finals. Both of these tournaments will contribute to the $1.000.000 prize pool players we’ll take their rewards from.

The tournaments are open for any Fortnite players to try to qualify. However, the players who got the highest score during any event session will have several chances to get to the tournament. The data from this event will be used to determine the top performers in each region of North America and Europe. The best players will go and compare their skills in Winter Royal finals for their region.

The Winter Royale Qualifier begins on November 24 and it will last till November 25. The North America Winter Royale Finals will take place from December 11 through December 12, and the Europe Winter Royale Finals will happen from Nov. 30 through December 1. Epic Games says that in the near future there will be other region-specific tournaments besides Europe and North America.