First look at the Mad Box Controller Design

With major gaming console brands such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch it seems that, at the moment, the console market is pretty much saturated. Between them, these titans of the console world are seemingly catering to every possible need that players might have so that there’s apparently no available space for some new brand to fit in between them. Fortunately, Ian Bell, the enterprising CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, doesn’t share this viewpoint. Slightly Mad Studios will develop their very own standalone gaming console called Mad Box which will, as Bell himself claims, “will be the most powerful console ever built.” Their console will also “support most major VR headsets and those upcoming and the specs will be equivalent to a very fast PC two years from now.”

Mad Box Controller

Although Mad Box is scheduled to be released about three years from now (which is admittedly quite a while before it’ll hit the shelves of IT hardware stores), guys from Slightly Mad Studios had already revealed concept designs of its controller. As can be seen from Bell’s twitter posts, the controller for their upcoming Mad Box console will have a powerful look with unusually angular aesthetics, various buttons, and LCD touch screen display at the center of the controller, as well as two rear paddles and precision triggers. Although controller at the moment doesn’t look particularly ergonomic, we have no reason to doubt that designers of Mad Box and its controller are on the top of their game and that it’ll be comfortable to hold and play with it, not to mention that the overall design can change a thousand times in the next three years.

Now, assuming that Slightly Mad Studios manage to bring this ambitious project to completion, Mad Box controllers will most likely come in different color versions. Even now, with these early designs, we can see that this predominantly black matte design is enlivened by lights of various colors around buttons and thumbsticks – from cold blue, through orange to red. What seems particularly interesting is that these lights aren’t just a nifty trivial cosmetic detail, but will actually be closely connected to the way that controller interacts with the games themselves. That means that, most probably, some of the buttons will be dynamically highlighted at the opportune moment in the game, which will help you quickly find your bearings in the thick of the action and activate the function in the game (such as speed boost or respawn) when you need it the most.

Mad Box Controller Design

Just as the whole concept of Mad Box console, these designs had already attracted much positive, as well as negative attention, from the design of controller which seems a bit oversized and uncomfortable to the price which, even at this early stage of the development, seems as it’ll surpass the prices of the competition by far. All those negative comments have been so far easily discarded by CEO Ian Bell who seems to have the right answer for any question. We’ll see what will become of Mad Box console project and, whenever happens something new we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy some more in the impressive designs of the Mad Box controller.