First Summoner Mobile

First Summoner is now available on iOS and Android

First Summoner mobile strategy RPG is the latest LINE GAMES launch, released worldwide just a few days ago. The game was developed by SkeinGlobe and published by LINE, while it has so far reached 142 countries globally. It has hit both the iTunes App Store and Google Play store, and these are the preliminary results…

On Google Play, First Summoner Android shows a 4.3-star rating so far, but with not that high of a vote count. LINE Games Corp has had huge success with their Destiny Child Android game, which scored an almost perfect 4.7-star rating from almost 100 thousand votes and it is still dubbed as Editor’s Choice. And besides its world-famous chat app, it also had some camera and Disney-themed apps for iPad and iPhone devices.

Their newest game is darkly-themed and features a world of fantasy, where you fight for your very soul, as the game warns. It is entirely without any auto or idle play moments and requires, according to the publisher’s words, a highly engaged mind and tactical thinking. The very gameplay revolves on a single battlefield, where you control your minions and summons. As you contest for the victory, you need to make strategic positions and combinations of minions to best utilize your forces, so far so familiar.

However, the first thing this game brings that sets it aside from other similar titles is its 150 separate stories for the campaign more and its impressive levels, which all contribute to a highly immersive experience. Furthermore, the game is reportedly very challenging, so it is clearly made to satisfy those slightly more demanding players in the mobile device crowd.

Naturally, First Summoner features the PvP mode, which is what will keep the bread and butter on the table, for those who want endgame action. However, the game is also easy to pick up and try, so the developer has invited everyone to give it a shot. Since they do not delve into these projects often and usually score large success, it is presumably worth it.