Football Manager Mobile 2018 Review


Published in the 4th quarter of 2017, Football Manager Mobile 2018 already has a reputation of having the good old Championship Manager feel in your pocket. Developed by Sega, this game is compatible with the majority of mobile devices, Android and iOS. FM Mobile gives the authentic football managing experience, but it is at the same time wonderfully adapted for portable use, so let’s take a closer look.

FM Mobile adapts to your device’s specifications to give you the optimum performance, which if your device is in any way recent will be an Enhanced Edition. It also features multiple gameplay modes and a larger country/player database than ever before, with an improved interface and an overhauled match engine.

The gameplay

Football Manager Mobile 2018

At the center of Football Manager Mobile 2018 is a massive base of 17 countries, with all the big European leagues. As you start a new game and choose your name and club, the game begins with the traditional celebration of you being appointed as the new Manager of your selected club.

You have complete autonomy, with all transfers and tactics completely up to you. You also have a complete insight into all the details in all aspects of the club, but there is a great degree of auto manage options in case you don’t want to spend time on certain mundane tasks.

The name of the game is ‘managing’, which quite literally means ‘keeping everybody happy’. If you haven’t played a sports managing game before, it will soon become apparent to you how responsible and frustrating this can become. But, it is also highly engaging and contagiously fun.

As you try to keep the board and the fans happy, your players fit and healthy, and your club winning games, you’ll realize that the job of a football manager in reality probably turns a man into a well calculated and intensely aware half man half machine.

FM 2018

The Largest Ever

The FM Mobile 2018 database is said to be the largest one so far in a sports managing game. It can load up to 21,500 active players, all with custom options across all leagues in 17 nations. This alone makes the scouting game a separate thing. There are two brand new, fully licensed leagues added – South Korea and the USA.

The tactics system has been revamped, with player roles being improved and with an entirely new team instructions interface. The UI overhaul is now much more intuitive, making it easier to play a sports managing game on a mobile device.

There are also several nice features, like the All-Time Best / Team of the Year, where you can compare your team to the all-time legendary clubs, and even see which of your players would qualify for the Dream Team of the Year.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 lets you set up your managerial reputation at the start of your career, which will affect everything you do, including player acquisition and tactical instructions. There are countless training options set to improve both your players and the rest of your staff, and you can even badger the board for a new stadium if you feel so inclined.

The multiple game modes include the traditional Career mode, which is the old standard. It gives you a 30-year window to achieve your managerial glory.

There is also the Challenge mode preset, with several different scenarios. If you are not up for a complete football manager experience, you can set up these preset modes to play a game more focused on certain aspects, such as avoiding relegation, managing injuries, and so on.

FM 2018 Gameplay

My Club mode is perhaps the fan favorite because it gives you the possibility of creating your own soccer team, with a custom name and all, and add it to a league of your choice.

Perhaps the best thing about FM Mobile 2018 is how SEGA managed to fit it on mobile devices. As mentioned, it really does feature the largest ever database, but at the same time the developers cut out the human aspects of the managerial life, like press conferences, halftime speeches, and they’ve limited the interaction with players solely to the functional options. Some hardcore manager players would perhaps miss these features, but given the fact that this is a mobile device game, most players agree that those features are not fit for mobile gameplay.

You are also offered an IAP on top of the initial download price, for a live feed, but you can also unlock these gameplay options with enough play. This is a matter of patience and does not in any way affect the gameplay.


Football Manager Mobile 2018 is as close as you can go to a PC version with a handheld mobile game. The overhauled interface and the managing options are all perfectly trimmed and rounded up, obviously with the help of player feedback in the past couple of years. It brings the full old-school Championship flavor in your pocket.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 9
  • User Ratings (11 Votes) 4.9