Forces of Freedom - Operation NAM

Taking the path to the right will take you across the small wooden bridge, immediately after it there is a small wooden house to the left, located on a very small hill. This spot is a nice location for sniping, from here it is possible to cover the middle (central) part of the map and also a large portion of the left path. Moving forward will get us into a small valley, this is usually where enemies will be encountered. The hill at the left side of the valley, after the stone archway, is probably the most common spot where flanking happens. You can walk over the top of this small hill or around it to take your enemies by surprise but it is a risky move.  Also from the top of this hill, you can sometimes see the targets on the other side of the map, so it is a valid spot for catching enemies in a crossfire. The path will then lead to a bridge with a red fence when you cross it there will be a large stone monument to your right and a few archways.  The path will then descend and after a short walk, you will find yourself in the enemy base.

Taking the path to the left, you'll descend down a hill, and then this path will take you through the same scenery as a right one, but in a reverse order.

forces of freedom operation nam map forces of freedom operation nam map forces of freedom operation nam map

Going through the middle, after crossing the small bridge, you will find yourself on a hill. This is probably the most popular sniping position since you can cover the center of the map and parts of both the left and right paths. However, enemies can also fire back at you from all positions that I mentioned, so there is that. Descending down a hill and moving forward through the middle will get you close to the capture flag, but rushing it can be dangerous because enemies might be able to shoot at you from one of the side paths or even from a hill in front of you. When taking a middle path, before the capture flag there are two small paths that can be used to climb back up to the either left or right path, if you changed your mind.


As a rifleman, I would suggest taking either her right or left path and forcing it all the way, if possible. If the push is successful you will be able to enter the enemy base and take out the snipers back there (there is usually at least one guy camping). After that, you are basically behind enemy lines and can attack enemies from the back. Very often players do not pay attention to the minimap, so they won't be aware of your presence until it is too late. You could also take a more dangerous route through the middle and rush the flag. if that's the case pop up the barrier next to the sandbags inside the capture area and enemies will be forced to come to you.


My favorite 3 sniping positions are: Hill towards the center of the map, small house after the bridge when you take a right path and rocks or hill near a big house on a left path. No matter what sniping position you go for initially, don't stay there forever because even as a sniper you have to occasionally change position, depending on a tactical situation.


He can take any path, but I usually go for the middle one, because this way there is a possibility to spot enemies moving into a position at any of the three paths. That map information can be useful for the rest of your team especially snipers, and can scare off enemies (nobody likes to get spotted right at the beginning of the game). Also, the middle path will take you close to a capture area, making it possible to throw grenades at the enemy riflemen that are rushing for an early cap with their barrier skill.